What to Look for in a Huntsville Managed Services Provider

This article will detail what you should look for in a Huntsville managed services provider if you are ready to move beyond the struggles of managing an in-house IT team.

Simplify Your IT Struggle

Growing a business requires a lot of time and effort. Not only must you ensure each department is adequately staffed, but you also need functioning technology. One way to have IT solutions that expand with your business is through a Huntsville managed services provider.

A services provider can take care of all parts of your business’s technology infrastructure such as:

  • Servers
  • Networks
  • Computers
  • Remote devices
  • Cyber security
  • Cloud

Why Invest in a Service Provider?

A partnership with an MSP frees your time to focus on running and growing a successful business. Instead of staffing an entire IT department, you have managed IT services of equal or greater experience.

Essentially, the provider acts as your IT department to monitor and support all technical aspects of the IT environment. Doing so ensures that your business benefits from having a stronger security infrastructure and increased efficiency from optimized system performance.

In addition, you have access to industry experts that provide technical support when needed. Therefore, knowing what to look for in a provider involves taking an internal look at your business’s goals and needs.

Couple those findings with an understanding of how the model for managed services works. Furthermore, learn about the best practices of a provider to vet the right one for your business.

Questions to Ask a Huntsville Managed Services Provider

Every aspect of your business has a connection to technology, which is something that a potential provider should factor into the conversation. The discussion should include both short-term and long-term business goals.

In addition to knowledge of your business strategy, the provider should offer technical expertise and the business acumen for translating your goals into innovative solutions.

So, how do you know the provider is uniquely qualified to manage your infrastructure with business-driven customer support? How can you be confident that you are choosing a trusted managed provider?

Here are a few questions to ask when narrowing your list of service providers.

What are Their Core Competency Services?

Possibly the most important thing to question is whether the MSP has core competencies to deliver the services you need. With interconnected systems required to perform around-the-clock with different access points, the provider should have the technical knowledge to operate.

Question whether the managed IT provider will bring the processes, tools and technologies to address your specific needs. It is also good to know whether they plan to outsource some of the services. This keeps you aware of all parties that have access to your business systems.

Lastly, find out if the provider is capable of scaling for future growth. Try to get a clear view of the provider’s ability to support your current and future needs without a complete overhaul of your IT infrastructure.

 A massive change to your IT infrastructure at each growth point is an expensive undertaking.

Do They Offer Multiple Engagement Models?

Typically, business models of managed services include multiple modes of engagement. This is purposeful since there is no one-size-fits-all for service delivery needs. Therefore, look for a provider that is capable of meeting the operational needs of your business.

In practice, this could mean the company protects your technology infrastructure through an operations management platform or remotely. They may even offer a blended model where responsibilities are shared with your in-house IT staff.

How Will They Handle Abnormal Scenarios?

A provider with the competency of offering the daily services your business needs is one thing. Being capable of managing abnormal situations is another level.

Some examples of what to look for in the provider’s response to your concerns include:

  • How the provider responds to a system outage. The service agreement should include a reliable method for how delivery interruptions are handled.
  • Protocols for a security breach. You need to know their plans for protecting your business’s confidential data. Expect their answer to detail countermeasure strategies that earn your confidence.
  • Business continuity plans for disaster recovery. No business plans to be in a crisis, but it helps to have a plan when one occurs. This includes the ability to keep your business running during a critical time.

Does the Provider Have an IT Help Desk?

While your in-house IT team focuses on growth opportunities, the services provider can cover day-to-day technical support. Expect the provider to offer 24/7 help desk support for emergencies where your employees can reach them via phone, text, or email.

Generally, the provider could have a ticket or other type of process for fast and reliable responses to issues. Also, ask how the provider will protect your business operations when employees run into problems while working from home.

Whether your staff works from home or at the office, you should expect the same level of attention when you need it.

What are Staff Qualifications?

Once you have a clear understanding of the processes, tools, and technologies the MSP offers, you want to learn more about the qualifications of its staff. Do they make it a point to hire industry professionals who demonstrate a high caliber of competencies for today’s technology?

Typically, a managed IT provider has a track record within your industry. If they can show a list of satisfied clientele with successful engagements, you might want to give them a closer look.

Experience working with organizations similar to yours can give insight into how the provider can work for your business.

Additionally, you should ask how they ensure their staff maintains current certifications and standards. An added bonus is a provider that offers training for your employees as well. A knowledgeable staff on both sides can strengthen the partnership.

Get Your Questions Answered with Action!

Unacceptable answers to any of these questions are confirmation that you should keep looking. You need a dependable, knowledgeable, and trusted managed IT services company on your team.

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Contact us today to find out how technology innovations can align with your business goals.