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Meriplex delivers secure and innovative IT solutions to forward-thinking businesses seeking efficiency and growth.

What Can Meriplex Do for Your Business?

Meriplex provides superior cybersecurity solutions and IT management and support, allowing your in-house IT and security team to stay focused on high-level priorities. As your trusted partner, we deliver business-driven solutions that include the scalability and support needed to power growth.

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Why Choose Meriplex?

As a trusted managed IT and security provider, we deliver business-driven solutions that provide the scalability and support needed to power growth for organizations of all sizes. We build long-lasting partnerships with our clients through co-managed solutions that keep you fully involved in your IT.

We specialize in managed, cloud communications, intelligent network, and cybersecurity services. You can rely on our unparalleled customer service, full visibility, and 24/7 support that’s always available when you need it.

  • Transformative. Innovative. Strategic.

    Meriplex has aligned with many of the most innovative technology leaders to build strategies that enhance business growth and scalability. Leading security technology allows us to stay on top of rising threats and challenges and the additional technology investments you make today further position your company for operational excellence in the future.

  • Business-Driven Solutions That Enhance Growth

    As a managed services provider focused on IT strategy and security, we serve as a trusted partner for our customers nationwide. We use a consultative approach to design your solutions with you every step of the way. Rather than simply implementing technologies, we spend time learning about your business requirements to build solutions that provide long-term value.

  • Full Transparency & Confident Decision-Making

    As a trusted partner, we are fully transparent to our clients when consulting on the best solutions and services to fit their business needs. By learning your short-term and long-term goals, we can align the right technology strategy and help you make confident decisions for your business.


Our Technology Partners

We partner with leading IT and security companies and manufacturers to ensure our solutions stay ahead of the rising threats and challenges businesses face while positioning them for future growth.

Our team of experts specialize in the vital technology our partners supply to provide the best possible IT strategy for your business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

On behalf of our company, I want to thank you for the exemplary manner in which Meriplex handled the recent problems associated with the fire in downtown Houston that impacted CenterPoint Energy, Meriplex, its clients including us, and many others. For a problem of that magnitude to be resolved so quickly was quite impressive. Further, for the communications from Meriplex to be as simple, accurate, thorough and comprehensive as they were, made a huge difference to us.

View of a retail clothing business worker and customer
IT ManagerRetail Industry

I want to tell you how pleased we are with the solution Meriplex has given our company for its system wide long distance needs. Through the use of your system, we have been able not only to substantially lower our system wide long distance costs but have eliminated the costly dialers used for our Houston metro area calling services. Because of this, we have been able to reduce our long distance costs by better than 40. Feel free to use us as a reference and we will direct any business we can in your direction.

View of a retail clothing business worker and customer
IT DirectorRetail Industry

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your associates for the hard work and support you provided to the NY Territory while upgrading our phone systems. The extra effort you all put in is greatly appreciated. In a short amount of time, you and your team provided the New York Territory with the capability of serving our client families at a higher level.

Industrial worker looking over a part on a machine
Territory DirectorIndustrial Industry

Yesterday our CenturyLink circuit was down due to a construction crew accidentally cutting the fiber. We had folks on video and audio calls not to mention all the normal traffic. Other than a little bit of latency no one really noticed the circuit going down. I certainly did not want to test SDWAN out this quickly but it was a great success.

Industrial worker looking over a part on a machine
IT DirectorIndustrial Industry

Let me express my overwhelming satisfaction with the communications & customer service Meriplex provides. With telecommunications companies, there are at least occasional problems, but it’s always reassuring that, whenever we have any little problem, a quick call to Meriplex puts me directly in touch with a single person — you — and that you then make my problem go away. Not that we have that many problems! The technical quality of your telephone and Internet service is excellent.

Healthcare IT consulting services for medical workers
Chief Information OfficerHealthcare Industry

I just wanted to thank you for following through on your commitment to us. I can honestly say that in my career, I have never seen a circuit from a major carrier delivered that fast.

View of coins in a jar for private equity
Chief Information OfficerFinancial Industry

Network outages were impacting our business as they were preventing connectivity to our carriers and customers, but the Meriplex fully-managed solution, with NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud, eliminated these occurrences and put our confidence back in our network.

View of a retail clothing business worker and customer
IT DirectorRetail Industry

Other provider solutions were complicated in terms of its usability and did not offer a very clear picture. The Meriplex DRaaS solution offered simplicity in terms of its administration on operations & visibility.

Industrial worker looking over a part on a machine
IT DirectorIndustrial Industry

With SD-WAN in place, we can now start planning how to make widespread application and technology improvements because we have a flexible and robust solution that support those goals.

Industrial worker looking over a part on a machine
Chief Information OfficerIndustrial Industry

Meriplex’s commitment to providing 24-hour availability, offering expertise and assistance for small to large problems at any hour, has been a huge benefit to our company. 

Based upon our experience with Meriplex’s quick response time on tickets, their scalable support options, and the years of expertise they have on staff, I would recommend Meriplex to any company needing an IT firm.


I have tremendous peace of mind not having to worry about our bank network’s uptime as it is being monitored 24/7 by dedicated staff at Meriplex. Meriplex exceeds the competition in their overall standard of excellence, as they are more proactive, accountable, and conscientious than any other firm we had used previously.


We trust Meriplex’s judgment on security products to keep our bank safe from all types of IT related threats. We are very happy with the services they recommend and feel safe with the products they have in place.

Vice President

The Meriplex support team provides courteous and speedy resolution of technical issues for the end user, which exceeds the service we experienced from other companies in the past. In a world of ever-changing technology, having Meriplex behind us significantly reduces the concern and burden of IT management.

President & CEO

Meriplex met very tight deadlines for our annual IT risk assessment due to their quick response time and dedication to our company.  Their knowledge of IT for physician practices is vast which allows them to provide best practices to all of their clients.


Meriplex exceeds the competition in documentation, and they are thorough and meticulous in their implementation and service delivery. Meriplex maintains the highest standard in quality. I can always rest assured that the very “top talent” will be managing my projects.

Chief Information Officer

When our servers go down, Meriplex is immediately engaged in fixing the problem. They are quick to respond, and the help desk assistance is efficient in connecting us with the right person.  We have been extremely pleased with their reliability whenever we are needing help.

IT Manager

Meriplex is patient, understanding, and dedicated to finding solutions that allow us to focus on our business. It is well worth the investment to know that we have specialists who can resolve our issues quickly and professionally. I don’t have to worry about IT issues that might take significant time away from my core business because I know Meriplex will take care of it.


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