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As a managed solutions provider specializing in Intelligent Networks, Cybersecurity, Cloud Communications and Managed Services, Meriplex is laser-focused on innovative technology that drives secure growth and transforms the way enterprises do business. Whether it’s time to shed a tired legacy system for a modern, streamlined network or you’re under pressure to scale without delay, your Meriplex team will work with you to design customized, purpose-built solutions that overcome challenges, maximize return on investment and always serve your greater business vision.

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Who is Meriplex? We are a Managed Solutions Provider specializing in SD-WAN, SASE, Cybersecurity, Networking, Physical Security, Edge Intelligence, Virtual Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Communications and more. With a focus on enhancing IT and Security strategies to solve business challenges, we are your trusted partner that you can rely on for best and breed solutions, extensive technology expertise, and top-tier technical support that you won’t receive with just any managed services provider.

Transformative Tech Tips by Meriplex

What is SIEM?

What is SIEM or Security Information and Event Management? SIEM collects, correlates, and analyzes events from different devices that help businesses to detect, understand, investigate, remediate, and recover from a cyberattack. Watch to learn more.

What is Phishing?

What is Phishing? Phishing refers to a type of cyber attack that relies on social engineering through emails or a social media platform to trick you and your employees into clicking on an attachment or link to get your personal or company data. Watch to learn more with Director of Information Security with Meriplex, Andres Ruz!

SolarWinds Orion Hack: Sunburst Backdoor

SolarWinds Orion has been one of the biggest hacks in years. Hear from Andres Ruz, Director of Information Security at Meriplex to hear how it could impact your business, what you need to know about Sunburst, and actions you should take immediately.

How SASE is Changing the Security Environment

Where users are connecting business applications from today is no longer relevant as they are working anywhere and everywhere. With SASE or Secure Access Service Edge, organizations are able to secure devices accessing SaaS applications while still achieving lower latency, faster speeds, and increased productivity.

Next Generation Protection at the Edge

It’s now more important than ever for organizations to alter their IT architecture today in order to innovate for tomorrow. Join Meriplex and guest speaker, from Netrality Data Centers as they discuss how Managed IT, Security Operations Center (SOC), SD-WAN and SASE solutions are enabled in an interconnected colocation environment at the edge.


On behalf of our company, I want to thank you for the exemplary manner in which Meriplex handled the recent problems associated with the fire in downtown Houston that impacted CenterPoint Energy, Meriplex, its clients including us, and many others. For a problem of that magnitude to be resolved so quickly was quite impressive. Further, for the communications from Meriplex to be as simple, accurate, thorough and comprehensive as they were, made a huge difference to us.

Nicola M.IT Manager

I want to tell you how pleased we are with the solution Meriplex has given our company for its system wide long distance needs. Through the use of your system, we have been able not only to substantially lower our system wide long distance costs but have eliminated the costly dialers used for our Houston metro area calling services. Because of this, we have been able to reduce our long distance costs by better than 40. Feel free to use us as a reference and we will direct any business we can in your direction.

RichardIT Director

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your associates for the hard work and support you provided to the NY Territory while upgrading our phone systems. The extra effort you all put in is greatly appreciated. In a short amount of time, you and your team provided the New York Territory with the capability of serving our client families at a higher level.

Sean A.Territory Director

We would like to say thanks for the alerting us about a beeping alarm and red lights in one of our cabinets. It is nice to know the colo is watching out for anything unusual. So, many thanks to the staff at the colo, especially after hours and over the holidays. They are the people behind the scenes and many times, they go unrecognized.

Dean E.IT Manager

Yesterday our CenturyLink circuit was down due to a construction crew accidentally cutting the fiber. We had folks on video and audio calls not to mention all the normal traffic. Other than a little bit of latency no one really noticed the circuit going down. I certainly did not want to test SDWAN out this quickly but it was a great success.

Roger L.IT Director

Let me express my overwhelming satisfaction with the communications & customer service Meriplex provides. With telecommunications companies, there are at least occasional problems, but it’s always reassuring that, whenever we have any little problem, a quick call to Meriplex puts me directly in touch with a single person — you — and that you then make my problem go away. Not that we have that many problems! The technical quality of your telephone and Internet service is excellent.

Dr. PaulCIO

I just wanted to thank you for following through on your commitment to us. I can honestly say that in my career, I have never seen a circuit from a major carrier delivered that fast.

Chris T.CIO

I have been working with you now for almost ten years (the initial Network Assessment that Meriplex performed for us was in July of 2008!) and I know that whenever I need anything – no matter what it is – I can count on you and your team to help me out regardless of the situation. You have no idea how that makes my job so much easier! So, thanks again for what you did last night, and thanks for everything you have done over the years in helping me with all of my needs. It’s certainly a pleasure working with you!

Brian V.ISP Manager

Network outages were impacting our business as they were preventing connectivity to our carriers and customers, but the Meriplex fully-managed solution, with NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud, eliminated these occurrences and put our confidence back in our network.

Rick R.IT Director

Other provider solutions were complicated in terms of its usability and did not offer a very clear picture. The Meriplex DRaaS solution offered simplicity in terms of its administration on operations & visibility.

Conor C.IT Director

With SD-WAN in place, we can now start planning how to make widespread application and technology improvements because we have a flexible and robust solution that support those goals.

Michael F.CIO

Please thank your team for a successful helpdesk implementation and all of the hard work that goes into the day to day process of supporting our company. I greatly appreciate the partnership that we have formed with Meriplex. It has enabled us to optimize costs, bring the right resources in, and become more competitive. I look forward to building on that success next year as we help our Company achieve its organizational goals and deliver value each day.

Brian G.IT Manager

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