Cloud Video Surveillance

Providing real-time remote video surveillance monitoring to keep your employees, customers, and assets safe.

Managed Video Security Services

When you consider security in today’s business environment, you likely think of cybersecurity. And while that’s certainly one of the biggest threats to organizations today, you must also protect your physical locations, hardware, and, most importantly, employees and customers. Meriplex’s managed cloud video surveillance services are the ideal solution for businesses looking to safeguard their assets and their people.

Our experts have the experience and remote video surveillance monitoring tools to provide enterprise-level video security services. Meriplex’s remote video monitoring team ensures all of your live feed video surveillance cameras, recorders, and security system software are functioning properly. If we detect an outage or obstructed field of view, we quickly resolve the issue. And because our remote video surveillance monitoring is cloud-based, you have complete visibility and access any time, anywhere.

Surveillance Equipment

Need a security camera system or other equipment to promote the safest environment possible for your employees, customers, and assets?

Cloud Video Surveillance Monitoring services for your business

Why You Need Cloud Video Surveillance

Meriplex’s video security services increase employee and customer safety with scalable and user-friendly IP-based video surveillance solutions that:

  • Deter crime and promote safety
  • Protect against theft
  • Reduce business liability and insurance premiums
  • Monitor employee productivity
  • Eliminate the need to hire several security guards
  • Reduce shoplifting at retail outlets and banks
  • Allow infinite scalability as your needs expand

Installing and Maintaining Live Feed Video Surveillance Cameras

The first step in delivering our cloud video surveillance services is working with you to determine the equipment and areas that require the most attention. Based on the specific needs of your facility, Meriplex plots ideal camera placements to maximize the field of view our video security services can capture.

Next, the Meriplex team installs your cloud video surveillance solutions. We collaborate directly with you to provide a complete understanding of your new equipment and monitoring capabilities. Following the implementation of your live feed video surveillance cameras and software, Meriplex’s managed services take over. We keep a close eye on your feeds, making sure your live video monitoring system is performing as it should. If we detect any issues at all, we contact you immediately to reach a resolution.

Schedule a Cloud Video Surveillance Consultation

If you’re looking to improve the safety and monitoring capabilities of your locations, live feed video surveillance cameras are the perfect solution. Reach out to Meriplex today to learn more about our video security services and how we can protect you and your assets.

Increase Your Physical Security With Access Control

For a comprehensive approach to physical security at your place of business, rely on Meriplex’s access control solutions. While live feed video surveillance cameras certainly deter criminals, they may not prevent all attempts to gain access to your facility.

Access controls allow you to proactively manage and verify identities in real-time at your various entry and exit points. You can closely track the individuals and vehicles that enter your space by requiring physical keys, digital keys, pin cards, biometric identification scanners, access codes, or mobile apps to confirm authorized access.

Access Control services with access card

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