Physical Security

Providing building security services that range from physical security equipment sales to system management.

Meriplex Is Your Physical Security Team

There are many ways that criminals target businesses to obtain sensitive information or cause damage. Just as cybercriminals seek out vulnerabilities in your network or cloud security, those looking to do physical harm to your business look for ways to gain access to your facility or data centers. Meriplex is both a cyber and physical security specialist with building security services that include implementing and managing state-of-the-art physical security tools.

Whether it’s protecting your people, assets, or financial interests, Meriplex’s video surveillance and access control systems give you the comfort of knowing your locations are monitored and protected at all times.

Physical Security Team

With over 25 years of experience, Meriplex has the expertise to customize solutions that meet your expectations while providing a high level of service. Because we value partnership and collaboration, we work closely with you to design security controls that meet the specific needs of your facility.

Installation of Physical Security Tools

Our professionals make sure your access controls and video surveillance technology are installed correctly. Meriplex’s experts ensure all surveillance cameras have a detailed view of the areas you want to keep an eye on. We also work with you to install access controls and security measures that prevent unauthorized access to your facility or data center.

Cloud-Based Physical Security

If your organization doesn’t require on-premise solutions, we eliminate the complexity of onsite infrastructure maintenance with a cloud-first platform that moves your existing IP cameras and network infrastructure onto the cloud. With our cloud-based management system, you can use current surveillance cameras and seamlessly add new sites to your network. These solutions reduce the total cost of ownership for security systems.

Our Building Security Services

From video surveillance management to access card reader installation, Meriplex’s comprehensive physical security services protect your business against criminals.

Schedule a Physical Security Consultation

Nothing should take priority over the safety of your employees, customers, and business assets. Reach out to Meriplex today to schedule an appointment so we can learn about your needs and further explain our building security services.

Our Security-First Approach

Meriplex’s managed services extend far beyond physical security. We build top-of-the-line security solutions into every service we provide. Whether it’s cloud infrastructure or endpoint management, our security team uses cutting-edge technology and in-depth experience to deliver a wide range of cybersecurity solutions, including:

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