Onsite IT Support Services

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Onsite IT Support Services Explained

Onsite IT support is when IT professionals work in your company’s physical location and are available for in-person support. As technology rapidly evolves, so do technical issues. You can keep up with new problems by having a Meriplex IT technician available to you.

With onsite support, you get solutions to all your computer problems in record time. Issues our onsite IT technician can help you with are:

  • Hardware issues
  • Emergency data recovery
  • Software updates
  • Solving work stopping technical issues
  • IT implementation projects

Though remote support is helpful, sometimes it isn’t enough. When a company computer breaks down or has hardware problems, a Meriplex IT professional needs to be there in person to solve the issue.

Can I Have Both Onsite and Remote IT Support?

The more IT support your business has, the better. Meriplex’s IT solutions are entirely customizable, so you pick what your business needs.

Of course, every company could benefit from having both types of IT support, but we understand that not every business needs both.

If your team deals with a large amount of hardware issues, you need Meriplex onsite support to solve those problems in person. We believe all businesses benefit from our onsite support, especially if you need quick response times.

Feel free to read more about all of our managed services, including remote support.

Meriplex Provides Businesses With Quality Onsite IT Support Services

There’s no one more qualified for onsite IT support services than Meriplex. We promise to satisfy your IT needs with award-winning service, as we have over 70 years in the industry and a 95% customer satisfaction rate.

Our average ticket response time is only 10 minutes, so your hardware and software issues are fixed in record time. We’ll get your business back on track.

We provide a wide range of IT services, including:

  • Managed detection and response
  • Help desk support
  • Cloud security
  • Managed SD-WAN

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