Managed Detection and Response Services

Providing custom intrusion protection systems for rapid threat detection and defense across enterprise systems, networks, endpoints, and applications.

A Proactive Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

As the edges of your cloud environment and WAN continue to expand, so must your security efforts. With the number of sophisticated security events climbing daily, an intrusion protection system has become an absolute necessity for organizations. Meriplex’s managed detection and response services combine constant real-time monitoring with the collection of endpoint data to protect your business from threats that linger outside of typical security controls.

Using our expertise and industry-leading security tools, our cybersecurity incident response team enhances your security posture by terminating advanced attempts to gain access to your network and data in real-time. Meriplex’s managed detection and response services (MDR) deliver superior network security through a single, integrated platform.

Managed SIEM and SOC

Meriplex’s managed security incident event management and security operations center are a formidable duo that protect your enterprise from ever-present security threats.

Managed Detection and Response Services for Hacked System

How Does an Intrusion Protection System Help?

The recent rise of remote work has exposed businesses to many vulnerabilities thanks to all of the new entry points. At-home PCs, laptops, and mobile devices give cybercriminals more opportunities to access your network and critical data. Worst of all, these intrusions often go undetected.

Meriplex’s managed detection and response services protect your network and endpoints from ransomware, malware, and many other threats. Our MDR services and tools go beyond just reacting to alerts. Meriplex’s cybersecurity incident response team focuses on detection, response, and aggressive threat hunting through advanced research and analytics. Our MDR services are a great way to augment your SIEM and SOC productivity, because our automated tools reduce intrusion dwell time and quicken response times.

Are Managed Detection and Response Services Right for You?

Still not sure if Meriplex’s intrusion detection and prevention system is right for you? If your answer to any of the following questions is “no,” your business should consider our security services:

  • Can you effectively identify and respond to advanced threats on your systems?
  • Does your internal IT team have the resources to detect cyberattacks and the skills to stop them quickly?
  • Do you have the ability to find and store security resources that aid a successful threat response program?
  • Can your internal intrusion protection system quickly detect false positives?
  • Do you have the automation tools that supplement your incident response team (CSIRT)?
  • Do you have the time and the budget to prepare your internal team for newly emerging and highly sophisticated attacks?

Meriplex’s Premium MDR Solution Benefits

When you partner with Meriplex for managed detection and response services, you experience a wealth of advantages, including:

  • Substantially reduced security costs and increased return on investment
  • Comprehensive managed endpoint and network risk detection and response
  • Turnkey support that improves SIEM and SOC services
  • Enhanced detection capabilities
  • Strategic and proactive threat hunting
  • Rapid 24/7 response times
  • Remain compliant with industry regulations
  • Superior threat intelligence gained from advanced insights
  • In-depth alert and incident investigation
  • Minimized vulnerabilities
  • In-house IT teams remain focused on core business functions

What Our Managed Detection and Response Services Include

Recommendations for an endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution, licensing requirements, and any required software updates
24/7 management of a central EDR platform
Continual updates to critical policies, definitions, and threat signatures
Monitoring for potential intrusion events, malware, and other observed threats
Analysis of network trajectory and all malware files
Monitoring and investigating of Indications of Compromise (IOCs)
Reporting of security-related events
Customer notifications about security events and associated devices so they can remediate
Customer notifications about potentially vulnerable software so they can remediate

Schedule an Intrusion Protection System Consultation

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More Cybersecurity Management Services

Group of workers looking over monitors

Security Awareness Training

A proactive approach is critical to keep your employees’ and your company’s data secure. Meriplex’s online security training and corporate phishing simulations train users to remain diligent and keep data security at the top of their minds.

On site technology support services for businesses

Security Consulting and Assessments

Meriplex’s cybersecurity management includes consulting services that support vulnerability management, penetration testing, cybersecurity risk management, and GRC assessments, along with VCISO offerings.

Managed Detection and Response


Meriplex combines our around-the-clock security operations center and our security information and event monitoring services (SIEM) to deliver expert real-time analysis of security alerts generated from your endpoints.

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Cloud Security

Meriplex’s secure cloud gateway delivers standard intrusion prevention, compliance, web filtering, malware protection, and data loss prevention to your locations and remote users wherever they’re accessing your cloud environment.