Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Meriplex provides security consulting services and advanced information technology assessment tools to minimize cyber threats and security risks.

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Cybersecurity Assessment and IT Consulting Services

When’s the last time you updated your security protocols, installed new firewall software, or bolstered your SD-WAN protections? If the answer is never or longer than you can remember, your cybersecurity posture is likely compromised. Meriplex’s cybersecurity assessments can pinpoint any weaknesses in your infrastructure and security measures and provide effective solutions.

With so many established and emerging technologies, there’s often more than one way to remedy a problem. Our cybersecurity consulting services allow our experts to collaborate with you and choose security control solutions and data storage plans that align with your day-to-day business strategy and long-term objectives.

Preventative Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Meriplex’s risk consulting services provide you with a strategy for prevention and recovery. Our scalable services help your enterprise with vulnerability management programs, networks, applications, wireless security penetration testing, and security assessments. Our Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) coordinates and supports recovery, damage control, threat mitigation, and security efforts to prevent future incidents.

Risk Assessment Services

Our comprehensive cloud and cybersecurity assessments evaluate all of your assets for threats and close the gaps to minimize the chance of a successful attack. Meriplex’s thorough and non-intrusive risk assessment services include vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, risk management, application security, and security assessments. Upon completion of your IT assessment, our experts deliver an actionable report to quickly remedy any weaknesses.

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The Benefits of vCISO Services

Investing in cybersecurity consulting services is one of the best ways to protect your business from the constant threat of data breaches. Meriplex’s IT consulting services provide exhaustive audits of your systems and the expert guidance you need to avoid the fallout of a cybersecurity event.

When you choose Meriplex’s cybersecurity consulting services, you quickly benefit from:

  • Reduced costs
  • Minimized risk
  • Extensive knowledge of emerging technologies and proactive defense strategies
  • A cohesive cybersecurity plan across your entire organization
  • A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan crafted for your specific operations

The Advantages of Cybersecurity Assessments

Meriplex’s IT assessment services provide several benefits, including:

  • Vulnerability identification: You can’t prevent what you don’t know exists. Meriplex’s assessment tools provide a complete examination of your network.
  • Detailed reporting: Following an IT assessment, Meriplex’s expert team creates a prioritized report that lets you know which vulnerabilities require immediate attention.
  • Compliance: Meriplex helps you navigate your governance, risk, and compliance assessment to identify missing elements of your security program compared to your industry’s regulations.
  • Greater understanding: Working with Meriplex gives you the comfort of knowing that industry experts are available to explain any aspect of your current cybersecurity situation.
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Beyond Assessments & Consulting

Meriplex can transform the preparedness of your entire business. Our security-first approach means that industry-leading safety measures always back your decisions.

Without a security plan and cutting-edge cybersecurity assessment tools, you’re exposed to costly cyberattacks, data breaches, and devastating business downtime. Meriplex’s 24/7 security operations center prevents, detects, and responds to attacks. Our robust cyber defense program includes proactive threat monitoring and identification, plus an adaptable defense strategy to minimize any adverse effects from an incident.

  • SIEM and SOC

    When you combine Meriplex’s security information and event management (SIEM) and security operations center (SOC) services, you have the ultimate information security solutions. Our full-time SOC provides 24/7  protection for your network. Using the data brought in from the integrated SIEM platform, we have real-time information to prevent and remedy any potential threats.

  • Cloud Security

    Whether your growing enterprise has multiple branch offices, a remote workforce, or both, cloud security is essential. Your cloud environment is everywhere, so Meriplex’s network security is wherever your users are. Our instant scaling and complete visibility allow us to meet your compliance, web filtering, malware defense, and data loss needs by securing all internet traffic across your network.

  • Security Awareness Training

    Even the most secure network and robust preventative measures are susceptible to social engineering and hacking attempts. All it takes is an employee clicking what they thought was an innocent link in an email to give cybercriminals the entry point they need. Meriplex’s security awareness training provides the knowledge and understanding your employees need to avoid phishing, malware, and ransomware scams.

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More Cybersecurity Management Services

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Managed Detection and Response

Meriplex’s managed detection and response solutions provide automated endpoint protection that stops advanced attacks in real-time, effectively eliminating threats to your system through a single, integrated platform.

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Security Awareness Training

A proactive approach is critical to keep your employees’ and your company’s data secure. Meriplex’s online security training and corporate phishing simulations train users to remain diligent and keep data security at the top of their minds.

Managed Detection and Response


Meriplex combines our around-the-clock security operations center and our security information and event monitoring services (SIEM) to deliver expert real-time analysis of security alerts generated from your endpoints.

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Cloud Security

Meriplex’s secure cloud gateway delivers standard intrusion prevention, compliance, web filtering, malware protection, and data loss prevention to your locations and remote users wherever they’re accessing your cloud environment.