Surveillance Equipment

Installing security equipment that protects you from the many ways criminals physically target business equipment, resources, personnel, and property.

Integrating Security Equipment That Protects People, Assets, and Investments

The safety and wellbeing of your employees and customers should be your top priority, no matter what industry you operate in. But choosing and integrating the surveillance equipment you need at your branch locations is a complex process. Meriplex is here to help you improve your security stature by offering building surveillance camera equipment, access controls, and cloud solutions.

Our high-quality surveillance equipment and security hardware promote safety and let your employees and customers know you have their best interests in mind. Additionally, security camera systems protect you from fraudulent neglect claims and deter shoplifting and other criminal activities. Meriplex’s building security cameras and access control solutions allow remote monitoring of products, security doors, and interior or exterior locations, so you always know who’s at your site.

Access Control

From biometric scanners to access codes on cell phones, Meriplex makes sure that only those you grant access to can enter your building, inventory storage rooms, and high-security areas.

View of a person watching various surveillance cameras

What Industries Need Surveillance Equipment?

Meriplex enhances the physical security stature of our partners in a wide range of sectors. Our procurement, installation, and implementation expertise ensures your locations are protected by building security cameras, access controls, and other surveillance equipment that addresses your distinct requirements. With Meriplex’s physical security solutions, you protect what matters most:

  • People: Surveillance equipment integrated by Meriplex helps you deter theft, robberies, and other criminal activity that threatens the safety of your employees, patients, and customers. It also gives them the comfort of knowing you’re taking the necessary precautions to protect them.
  • Assets: Building security cameras and monitoring services let you keep a close eye on your products, medications, vaults, high cash flow areas, and storage areas. Access controls ensure only authorized personnel can access areas that house your most valuable and private inventory, assets, and data.
  • Finances: Strategically installed security hardware protects your business from unethical behavior, frivolous lawsuits, and lost revenue. Our cloud-based security systems allow you to easily store and quickly access any interior, exterior, or counter surveillance footage if needed to investigate an incident or hand it over to authorities as evidence.

Signs You Need Security Equipment

Don’t make the mistake of waiting to install a surveillance system until a security incident affects your business. If you notice any of these indicators, reach out to Meriplex to discuss our physical security solutions and surveillance equipment:

  • Increased crime at your business or nearby areas
  • Employees or clients reporting safety concerns
  • Rising revenue loss due to theft
  • Unauthorized personnel or strangers gaining access to restricted areas
  • Existing building security cameras have blind spots
  • Lacking evidence to settle disputes or lawsuits

The Benefits of Integrating Security Hardware

Partnering with Meriplex for your physical security and surveillance equipment provides many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced safety for everyone at your location
  • Effective theft deterrent
  • Catching shoplifters and criminals in the act
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Easily accessible footage to settle disputes, harassment claims, or altercations
  • Greater control of who can access your facility, restricted areas, or cash assets
  • Addresses compliance concerns for highly regulated industries

Schedule a Security Equipment Consultation

Interested in learning more about how Meriplex’s surveillance equipment and access controls can safeguard your people, assets, and financial interests? Schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and begin customizing your security hardware and cloud solutions.

Why Trust Meriplex With Your Security Equipment Needs?

With over 25 years of experience in the physical security space, Meriplex is more than qualified to provide the highest level of service for your custom-built solutions. We’re a licensed provider and installer of the industry’s leading surveillance equipment and access controls.

Meriplex offers flexible investment options, allowing you to purchase your security equipment through a capital expenditure or minimize your investment with a flexible OpEx model. Our team is happy to help you determine which solution best fits your business initiatives while meeting your security requirements.

Our cloud security platform eliminates the complexity of on-site infrastructure maintenance by moving your existing IP cameras and network infrastructure to the cloud. This helps you take full advantage of your current building security cameras and maximize your original investment. Meriplex’s easily scaled solutions grow with your business and evolve with your security needs. Our cloud security platform also reduces the total cost of ownership.

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