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Providing managed services that deliver business growth to enterprises in a wide range of industries.

Managed Solutions That Deliver Growth in Your Industry

No matter what industry you operate in, you need secure and innovative technology solutions to gain an edge over your competitors. As a managed IT, cybersecurity, and SD-WAN services provider, Meriplex offers comprehensive solutions that help your business transform its operations and grow in your industry.

We combine innovative technology and expertise to deliver business-driven solutions that provide the scalability and support necessary to excel. Our security-first approach protects you from even the most sophisticated cyberattacks while ensuring you remain compliant in even the strictest industries. When you choose Meriplex as your solutions provider, you have a team dedicated to creating a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership.

Managed Support for a Variety of Sectors

As a leading management and support provider, Meriplex has vast experience improving security postures, enhancing connectivity, and expanding cloud environments for a wide range of industries. If you don’t see your industry listed, don’t worry. These are only a few of the business sectors we have experience with.

Healthcare IT consulting services for medical workers


As a healthcare institution, you’re responsible for securely storing some of the most sensitive data in the world. That puts you at a higher risk of being targeted by cybercriminals. Meriplex’s cloud, network, and cybersecurity services provide maximum protection from the growing number of threats that hospitals, urgent care centers, and private practices face.

Our team of experts has vast experience working with healthcare providers to navigate the complexities of managing and sharing health records, integrating healthcare systems, migrating to the cloud, and remaining compliant with strict regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH. If you have a wide network of care facilities, our secure SD-WAN services not only streamline your processes and applications, but enhance data sharing and connectivity.

If you’re like most healthcare organizations, you don’t have the resources or staffing to sufficiently monitor and support your technology. Meriplex’s around-the-clock remote monitoring and support proactively patrol your network for suspicious activity and unauthorized access.

Close up view of a person working on financial account


Few industries rely on technology more than financial services. Banks, credit unions, and wealth management institutions risk chasing away clients due to poor user experiences without reliable and secure IT solutions. When you partner with Meriplex, you’re not just getting a managed services provider; you’re gaining a partner focused on combining innovative technology with high-level security strategies.

One of the biggest challenges in the finance industry is remaining compliant with strict regulations. Meriplex’s cybersecurity services ensure you meet all federal and state compliance requirements, whether it’s SOX, GLBA, or PCI DSS. We optimize your security posture by providing everything from encrypted data to firewall protection.

If there’s one thing that can put off your finance clients, it’s the inability to access their capital. Meriplex’s network and connectivity solutions reduce downtime by providing 24/7 monitoring and support. If there’s an issue, we quickly address it before it causes significant disruption to your business and your customers.

View of a retail clothing business worker and customer


Operating in the retail industry requires managing daily sales tasks while ensuring first-class user experiences. That means you need efficient payment processing, logistics, and connectivity across multiple outlets. Meriplex can ease your burden by implementing proactive IT strategies that protect against cyber threats, business interruption, and operational inefficiencies.

Managed SD-WAN by Meriplex delivers a robust network with a unique co-management option that provides control and complete visibility. We optimize your network performance and bandwidth usage, add redundancies to reduce outages, and deliver improved quality of service for your customers with our agile and cost-effective solutions.

Because of the vast payment data your retail business needs to store, access, and transmit, you know how challenging it can be to meet regulatory requirements. We have the knowledge and experience required to keep you compliant with even the strictest regulations, like PCI DSS. Our cloud and cybersecurity support ensures your data is protected by the most cutting-edge technology available. Meriplex’s security-first approach isn’t limited to cybersecurity—we also offer physical security services like access control and surveillance equipment.

Industrial worker looking over a part on a machine


The industrial and manufacturing industry is highly competitive. To grow your business, you need to take advantage of every edge you can. Meriplex’s managed IT, cybersecurity, and SD-WAN services provide the benefits you need to grow.

Building and maintaining a network and IT infrastructure on your own is costly and complicated. When you partner with Meriplex, you can rely on lower, more predictable costs. Even better, you can rest assured you have unmatched network reliability and access.

Our robust cybersecurity and security training services keep you protected from not just the growing amount of cybersecurity threats, but also human error that allows unauthorized access via phishing scams. Our 24/7 monitoring and help desk support mean you’re never left vulnerable or unable to reach our team if issues arise.

If you have multiple facilities across a wide area, Meriplex’s SD-WAN and cloud services improve your communications, collaboration, and connectivity. We keep you prepared for future growth by implementing and migrating scalable cloud environments.

View of coins in a jar for private equity

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies rely on Meriplex’s managed services and support for secure and efficient network and application performance. Our enterprise-level help desk support, 24/7 network services, and cloud infrastructure deliver remarkable reliability and execution.

By partnering with Meriplex, oil and gas companies, improve business connectivity to ensure minimal downtime occurs and business productivity is not lost. Our managed SD-WAN solutions, allow businesses greater flexibility to support applications in the cloud and optimize bandwidth.

Whenever sensitive data, that is imperative for the business, is involved, you can be sure cybercriminals are trying to access it. Meriplex’s cybersecurity services deliver advanced threat protections and 24/7 monitoring of your network. Whether it’s SIEM and SOC or employee security awareness training, you have the comfort of knowing your business is prepared for the growing number of cyber threats.

Meriplex improves your preparedness for when the unthinkable happens. It could be a natural disaster, human error, or security event that wipes out your data. At that moment, it won’t matter what exactly happened—only that you can quickly recover your data to avoid downtime.

Small business owner talking on the phone


If your small to medium-sized business is looking for a cost-effective and logical way to transform its operations, Meriplex’s managed services can help. We relieve your in-house team’s burden of simultaneously handling core functions, providing support, maintaining systems and applications, and securing your business.

Meriplex offers a wide range of managed and support services that help your small to medium-sized business improve its security posture, collaboration capabilities, cloud environment, and overall IT landscape. Most importantly, all of our services put security first.

Cyber threats aren’t going to disappear anytime soon; in fact, they’re evolving in both number and sophistication. Whether it’s improving email security by providing employee security training or using our SIEM and SOC services to minimize breaches and the damage they cause, Meriplex is constantly safeguarding your business.

Our physical security services protect your most valuable assets: your employees and your customers. Meriplex can install the video surveillance equipment and access controls you need to prevent unwanted entry into your business offices and data centers.

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