Intelligent WAN

Delivering unmatched user experiences, network security, and connection dependability to branch offices and workers anywhere.

Managing Advanced Intelligent Networks

What Do Our Management Services Include?

  • Recommendations on circuit options based on requirements and location
  • Cost estimates for circuit options and orders with telecommunications providers
  • Network devices
  • Coordinated circuit installation and support for telecommunications providers during activation
  • Configured network devices for connectivity between the provider’s equipment and the site’s
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Access control settings
  • Configured Quality of Service (QoS) settings
  • Monitoring of WAN interfaces and network uplinks (up/down)
  • Monitoring of bandwidth utilization on WAN interfaces

SD-WAN and Intelligent Network Solutions

SD-WAN is a technology that can dynamically adjust the network based on changing WAN conditions. It is an application of software-defined networking (SDN) technology that connects enterprise networks across large geographic areas. SD-WAN enables businesses to securely deliver applications and data to remote offices, employees, and cloud resources. When used with multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), it provides an extra layer of control, improved performance, and cost savings.

A business may use SD-WAN in the following situations:

  • To link enterprise networks across large geographic areas.
  • To securely deliver applications and data to remote offices, employees, and cloud resources.
  • To better manage network traffic and optimize performance.
  • To reduce costs associated with running a WAN.
  • To provide an extra layer of control over WAN connections.

Meriplex specializes in creating and migrating intelligent WAN technology for enterprises that have outgrown their current infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to enhance visibility or optimize cloud security, our advanced intelligent network solutions expand your capabilities and promote business growth.

As your partner, we align your network infrastructure with applications and access points to customize our cloud-based solutions.

Meriplex SASE services merge bandwidth and network traffic management with cutting-edge security to protect your network and critical data from operational inefficiencies and rising cybersecurity threats.

What to Expect From Our Intelligent Network Solutions

Your network bandwidth can grow or shrink as needed with our intelligent WAN solutions. We provide 24/7 management of resilient and optimized wide area networks that offer network control and visibility, advanced security protection, operational simplicity, cost savings, and zero-touch provisioning service that gets your site up and running without delay.

Your Intelligent WAN Technology Partner

With Meriplex, you have a true partner to help you navigate the complex world of SD-WAN solutions. Our team of experienced experts works directly with your IT team to form a co-managed solution. Unlike other managed service providers, we don’t try to replace your team or push cookie-cutter system designs and network architecture on you. Instead, we customize advanced intelligent network solutions that help your enterprise quickly reach its growth goals and beyond.

Managed SD Wan Services from Meriplex

As a single-source provider, Meriplex offers intelligent WAN technology management services. We seamlessly integrate and secure anything from telecommunications networks to application visibility so your workforce can connect from anywhere at any time.

SD-Wan as a Service

SD-WAN as a service is a cloud-delivered and software-defined approach to managing the wide-area network, or WAN. It offers a centralized, cloud-based delivery system that allows enterprises to leverage any combination of transport services and provides scalability, agility, and co-manageability.

SD-WAN also allows monitoring, managing, and changing the service through a cloud-based management system. It’s beneficial for companies that use applications in the cloud, enabling them to extend their enterprise networks over large geographical distances. With SD-WAN, businesses can benefit from a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage their wide area networks.

Can You DIY SD-Wan Solutions for Your Business?

DIY-ing your SD-WAN could lead to costly mistakes, data loss, and security risks. With a managed SD-WAN solution from Meriplex, you can ensure secure and reliable connectivity for your remote employees.

Meriplex’s SASE solutions provide advanced security protocols, cloud-hosted SD-WAN, and network-as-a-service (NaaS) capabilities. We have a team of experts who can analyze and optimize voice traffic, which is essential for businesses that rely on voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP). By choosing Meriplex’s managed SD-WAN solution over the DIY approach, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Schedule an SD-Wan and Intelligent Network Consultation

Scheduling an intelligent network consultation allows businesses to see the value of their network assets and understand the potential improvements in their network infrastructure.

Meriplex is here to help businesses make the most of their networks through their intelligent solutions. The free consultation can identify which solutions best suit the business’s needs and provide greater visibility into their networks. With us, companies can ensure that their networks are secure, efficient, and always running at peak performance.

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