Innovative IT and Communication Solutions

The success of tomorrow is built on the efforts of today. At Meriplex, we build that philosophy into every IT solution or communications service we offer. We work directly with you and your team to build or implement the network and tools your organization needs to grow securely and rapidly.

Comprehensive Solutions for a Complex Market

Ready for a Partner Who Takes
Your IT Personally?

We’re nationally recognized for our work in IT and SD-WAN, but that doesn’t take away from the personal attention we pay to every customer.

Setting Up a Firm Foundation for Your Success

All of the solutions we provide at Meriplex are designed to get your business started on the right foot. Whether that means replacing a legacy system that is holding you back or expanding your capabilities to reach new heights, we have the solutions to fill that need. Our managed services give you the secure IT infrastructure to overcome any roadblocks in your path. Our communication and collaboration tools open up all new opportunities for your team to work together in the best way for your growth.

Don’t just take our word for it—see the testimonials from satisfied customers. These people know the power of Meriplex solutions and are proud to spread the word.

We develop your technology and communication solutions with a four-point approach. Intelligent networks for connectivity and collaboration tools. Cybersecurity to keep your data and systems secure from intrusion. Cloud communications to expand your mobility and flexibility. Managed services to give your business the infrastructure to succeed without fear of failure. Count on Meriplex to provide the innovative and comprehensive solutions you need.

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