Our IT Solutions

Our business-driven solutions provide the scalability and support needed to power growth for organizations of all sizes.

Management and Support That Delivers Business Growth

Meriplex is a managed cybersecurity, IT, and SD-WAN solutions provider that enables progress by combining secure and innovative technology with advanced expertise. As a true partner, we deliver business-driven solutions that provide the scalability and support needed to power growth.

Imagine a world where your managed support partner takes care of your technical needs quickly and efficiently, allowing your IT team to spend their valuable time elsewhere. We provide a host of IT and security services, with the expert knowledge required to support your end users, IT team, and business initiatives.

Why Choose Meriplex?

When you choose Meriplex, you have a partner dedicated to transforming your operations and creating growth through customized solutions that address your needs today and in the future. As a single-source provider, we take the lead in upgrading your infrastructure, maximizing the capabilities of your IT, and protecting your cloud environment with industry-leading security solutions. A partnership with Meriplex brings you the support, innovation, and expertise you need to scale your technology with your business.

Your Dedicated Partner

Meriplex is more than just an outsourced managed service provider—we’re a trusted partner. We take a co-managed approach, meaning you can be as involved in each process as you want to be. Our co-managed solutions also provide your in-house team with complete visibility, allowing them to see precisely what we see on our end. When you partner with us, we become an extension of your IT team, not a replacement. We share our expertise and skill sets with your team to supplement their capabilities, allowing them to focus more on the core functions of your business.

Our Comprehensive Solutions

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Meriplex’s video surveillance and access control services ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

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Has your business outgrown your internal IT resources? Do you lack the security posture needed to protect yourself from the growing number of cybersecurity threats? Is your cloud environment connecting users efficiently? Schedule an appointment with Meriplex today to discuss your issues and start crafting solutions that lead to business growth.

Our Mission and Vision

Meriplex’s mission is to be a trusted advisor for our clients by improving business efficiency and growth with securely managed solutions.

We aim to further your business by providing innovative technology that’s built for security and growth, combined with the unparalleled customer support only we can give you.

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