Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Meriplex offers comprehensive business continuity management and disaster recovery services.

Protect Your Business in a Disaster

Whether it’s an unexpected event, human error, or a successful ransomware attack, Meriplex’s cloud disaster recovery solution includes efficient service disruption recovery. As part of our comprehensive backup and disaster recovery services, we provide business continuity management and backup protection of your applications and data. We also schedule testing and failovers to ensure your cloud disaster recovery service is available when you need it most.

Back up and disaster recovery on large server

Backup Solution Models

Meriplex offers two data hosting models, allowing you to choose a backup and disaster recovery service that fits your needs.

  • Fully Hosted Model: This model provides live data hosting in our primary data center in Houston, TX, and our secondary site in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Backup Hosted Model: With this option, your primary data lives on-premise at your location, while Meriplex provides backup data hosting in our Las Vegas data center.

What Our DRaaS Solution Includes

Support for both models of Meriplex’s disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) include:

  • Setup and configuration of DRaaS platform
  • Scheduled failover testing
  • Ongoing management of software
  • Management of core network devices linked through our disaster recovery tool
  • Emergency failovers to secondary data center
  • Data restoration and replication

Schedule a Cloud Disaster Recovery Consultation

The backbone of an effective business continuity management strategy is backup and disaster recovery. Reach out to Meriplex today to schedule an appointment and find out how our cloud disaster recovery solutions can minimize downtime and quickly restore your data.

The Benefits of Meriplex’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Minimizing business process disruptions and downtime when disaster strikes is the ultimate advantage of DRaaS. However, that’s not the only benefit of Meriplex’s disaster recovery services.

  • Scalability: One of the greatest advantages of cloud disaster recovery services is streamlined scalability. As your business grows, your backup and disaster recovery needs to keep up. With Meriplex’s DRaaS, you can continually review your needs and update and expand services as needed.
  • Data protection and compliance: With Meriplex’s dual data centers and cloud-based disaster recovery services, you’ll have a more secure data backup infrastructure. We also provide encrypted data storage to meet the stringent compliance requirements of healthcare, finance, and other highly regulated industries.
  • Reduced costs: Purchasing, housing, and maintaining on-premise data centers takes an incredible investment. With Meriplex’s subscription-based cloud disaster recovery services, you avoid the substantial costs of building out your own data center.
  • Focus on core business functions: Meriplex’s backup and disaster recovery services allow your in-house IT team to focus on their daily tasks and big-picture objectives without worrying about maintenance, tests, and support of internal disaster recovery services.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services

Natural disasters and catastrophic events are impossible to prepare for entirely, but successful cyber attacks are preventable. According to a recent study, the average cost of a data breach is $4.24 million. As wide-area networks expand and remote workers connect to your network from mobile devices, your security gaps increase. Meriplex offers a wide range of cybersecurity management and support services that protect you from cybercriminals attempting to breach your expanding network.

Augment your business continuity plan with our cybersecurity solutions, including:

Disaster Recovery on a corrupted hard drive

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