Endpoint Security

Endpoint management services that protect end users, devices, and businesses from growing cybersecurity threats.

Security-Focused Endpoint Management Services

The sudden shift to a hybrid workforce has changed the business landscape dramatically. Employees are working in the office or in a remote location and need the ability to access the network safely and securely anytime, anywhere.

Our centralized endpoint management services include protections that prevent malicious activity from gaining a foothold inside your network. Meriplex responds to security incidents and alerts to detect and remove the latest identified malware, computer viruses, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other content-level threats. Our managed antivirus software solution is a crucial first step in the protection of your endpoints.

Cybersecurity Management

Cyber attacks continue to increase every day, making a robust security posture an absolute must. Meriplex’s cybersecurity management services minimize your risk against the inevitable attempts to gain access to your critical data and network.

Endpoint security network lines for businesses

Endpoint Security: Your Defense Against Attacks

Endpoints allow you to expand the perimeter of your enterprise further than you might have planned, leaving your data more vulnerable than ever before. Using sophisticated endpoint security software, machine learning, and real-time detection and response, Meriplex fortifies your network and cybersecurity defenses.

Our endpoint management services include antivirus protection that meets your specific requirements. This also involves aligning your internal security protocols with industry regulations and compliance standards. Meriplex installs state-of-the-art encryption technology as an added layer of security. We also have management tools that enable us to monitor, maintain, and update user device settings.

Signs You Need End User Services

Far too often, businesses either ignore or don’t recognize the signs of weak endpoint security until it’s too late. Meriplex’s endpoint management services should be at the top of your mind if you:

  • Don’t have strict password policies in place
  • Don’t have automatic security updates for all endpoint devices
  • Don’t provide security awareness training
  • Don’t have 24/7 monitoring of your network, endpoints, and data
  • Don’t have complete visibility of your network and endpoints

Benefits of Meriplex’s Unified Endpoint Management

One of the most beneficial elements of Meriplex’s unified endpoint management is right in the name—we bring together multiple endpoint management tools and solutions into a single mobility management solution. Additional benefits include:

  • Superior IoT device security
  • Around-the-clock threat monitoring, detection, and mitigation
  • Streamlined onboarding
  • Backup support to quickly restore devices following a security incident
  • Baseline policies for all endpoints across your enterprise

Schedule an Endpoint Security Consultation

Have new branch locations, a remote workforce, or a lack of protocols left your network susceptible to advanced threats? Set up an appointment with Meriplex today to learn more about our endpoint management services.

What‘s Included in Meriplex’s Endpoint Management Services?

Recommendations for endpoint protection and cost estimates based on requirements
Setup and configuration of endpoint protection servers
Installation of current antivirus and antispyware from the vendor
Installation of vendor endpoint protection patches and updates
Granting of read/view access on the endpoint protection console
Development of installation packages for the endpoint agent
New virus and spyware definitions pushed to all enrolled endpoints
Scheduling of both quick and full system scans
Troubleshooting and redeployment of any failed virus or spyware updates
Troubleshooting of any endpoint client issues detected in the console

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