Defend and Empower with Expert Endpoint Management

As the shift to remote work accelerates, managing, monitoring and securing the full range of devices on your network has never been more critical. A lack of endpoint visibility and control isn’t just an operational issue. It can leave you open to cybercriminals ready to prey on any vulnerabilities. If your IT team is already stretched thin, consider bringing on highly trained, trusted experts who can provide centralized services designed to keep your endpoints sound, protect your vital network and ensure systems are running safely, without disruption.

Endpoint Management Benefits

Endpoint Protection

Protect your business against endpoint cyberattacks that can lead straight into your network, more important than ever as BYOD becomes a new norm

Endpoint Encryption

Secure your operating system and data on laptops and desktops with automatic whole drive encryption that guards against data access even when a device is lost

Email Security

Use company policy filters to scan emails and attachments automatically so that sensitive information can be encrypted or quarantined

Secure DNS

Set up and support secure DNS servers to protect against DDoS or malware attacks

Backup Support

Maintain consistent endpoint backup and be ready to restore quickly in the event an incident occurs

Remote Monitoring & Management

See who and what is on your network and ensure endpoints are standardized, performing optimally and operating in accordance with standards

Endpoint Management with Trusted Pros

Meriplex endpoint management pros can become a valued and reliable extension of your in-house IT department. Contact us today to learn more about giving your team the support it needs to focus on your high-growth goals. 

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The Meriplex Endpoint Management Difference

Endpoint management by Meriplex extends beyond the expected. You’ll also find:

Security Prioritization

Our endpoint management solutions feature integrated security, a Meriplex hallmark across everything we do.

A True Business Partner

As an extension of your IT team, we are with you every step of the way. From providing technical support to sharing ideas, we’ll do all we can to empower your in-house staff.

Clear Visibility

Meriplex dashboards are user friendly and afford an easy, centralized way to keep track of endpoints throughout your network.

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