Managed IT Services for the Oil and Gas Industries

This article will detail the benefits of managed IT services for the oil and gas industries.

Keeping Oil and Gas Companies Running

As part of an always-on industry, you know what it takes to power the world. Oilfield and drilling operations must consistently run at optimal levels. Your oil and gas company needs reliable information technology systems to do this effectively.

Managed IT services for the oil & gas industry is a reliable way to fuel growth within your company in many ways. For starters, a clear strategic plan that articulates your company’s goals focuses on increasing productivity.

When employees have reliable network systems, you have confidence that operations run efficiently. Regardless of where or when employees work, cloud solutions keep them connected.

Another advantage to managed services is the proactive monitoring of your company’s network. If an issue arises, you have an IT partner ready to address the threat before it halts operations.

What are Managed IT Services?

A third-party, managed services provider, or MSP, handles various tasks related to your company’s information technology systems. By using managed IT, you can offload certain tasks to an IT expert for reasons such as:

  • Reducing operational costs
  • Improving operational efficiencies
  • Freeing internal IT team for other functions

Through managed IT services, you have direct access to resources, specialty knowledge and support specific to your business needs. Comprehensive services cover what is important for the systems at your oil and gas company to operate smoothly.

Whether you want to supplement the in-house IT department or lighten their workload, a managed service provider is useful for 24/7 coverage. Depending on your company, you may hire an MSP for many responsibilities including:

  • Security services for monitoring threats, thwarting cybersecurity threats and responding to a security incident
  • Configure, monitor and manage cloud services
  • Remote management of IT infrastructure

Benefits of Working with an MSP

The increasing popularity of working with a managed services provider has contributed to real-world business benefits. Many businesses in all industries, including oil and gas, see this as a cost-effective IT solution.

As you consider improvements to IT functions, consider the following benefits from the right managed IT services provider.

Access the Latest Tools and Solutions

Premium technology is usually expensive and time-consuming to implement. Add to this ever-changing software and network systems, and it becomes difficult to have the most current. However, an IT services provider uses up-to-date tools and solutions for their clients.

Knowing that your company benefits from advanced technology solutions also helps to ensure you stay compliant with standards and regulations. An MSP is knowledgeable of technology compliance requirements for your industry and operates from that vantage point.

Therefore, this becomes one less challenge for your company since any issues that may arise regarding oil & gas technology requirements fall on the provider.

Proactive Measures to Reduce Downtime

Unplanned downtime has a tremendously negative impact on your bottom line. An IT services provider understands this ongoing issue for the oil & gas industry.

The essence of their business is not to fix things, but rather to be proactive in eliminating a concern before a breakdown occurs. Your services provider uses advanced remote monitoring tools to detect and troubleshoot system glitches.

Still, some issues cannot be avoided. If so, an MSP provides round-the-clock monitoring to perform system maintenance and updates during off hours.

Additionally, 24/7/365 network monitoring ensures the implementation of a resolution before an issue reaches a critical point. These include a cybersecurity threat or a systematic error. Your company will experience fewer workflow interruptions and see improved uptime.

Better Cybersecurity Protection

The rise in cybersecurity attacks has not overlooked the oil & gas industry. Geopolitical tensions can heighten threats that result in many sleepless nights. Identifying potential threats that can disrupt operations and networks is crucial to protecting your IT infrastructure.

Outsourcing IT solutions gives you peace of mind and a restful night because responding to possible attacks can happen immediately. Your managed services provider uses a variety of advanced tools such as intrusion detection and antivirus to keep your network protected from threats.

Favorable Contractual Terms

Managed IT enables you to set the terms of a contract. The right provider knows that services are not a one-size-fits-all even for companies within the oil and gas industry. Therefore, you can have a service level agreement for customized monitoring and other services your company needs.

Managed IT for the Oil and Gas Industry

In general, IT solutions for oil & gas companies focus on the digital transformation of functions that directly impact how business is done.

For example, industry-specific solutions can improve drilling quality and efficiency. Solid solutions also help to optimize reservoir management. This may include fracture detection and any changes in the reservoir.

With advanced operational analytics, alerts, risk estimation and performance predictions do not go unnoticed. Included in analytics are operational costs for executing a capital project that aligns with your strategic planning and business growth. Supply chain status, drilling and equipment performance are also part of the information-gathering process.

Another important aspect of managed IT services for your oil & gas company is remote monitoring. Being onsite is not necessary for you to fully benefit from real-time drilling and well operations monitoring.

The right system will have automated alarms in case there is a high fault probability that can lead to a catastrophic accident. Ideally, your IT services provider will evaluate potential issues and have multiple decision-making scenarios for the most favorable resolution.

Furthermore, managed IT services are an essential part of how your company runs and operates. Keeping upstream, midstream and downstream product chains functioning properly require managed IT that offers:

  • Help desk support
  • Server support
  • Mobile device management
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Security services

Fuel Your Growth with Managed IT Services!

Increased digitization of the oil and gas industry requires reliable, innovative IT solutions. At Meriplex, we use our 70 years of combined technology and cybersecurity experience to provide top-tier managed IT services.

Whether your oil & gas company needs maintenance and management, help desk support or a competitive IT strategy, our team is ready to help. We understand the unique challenges for energy companies and will help you overcome them with a fortified network.

Contact us today to learn more about our specialized managed services for the oil & gas industry.