We’re a trusted partner that helps you choose between private, hybrid, and public cloud infrastructure solutions.

Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

The complexities of cloud computing can feel daunting at times. When you partner with Meriplex for cloud infrastructure solutions, you gain confidence knowing that experienced IT professionals are guiding and supporting your decisions. Our cloud infrastructure specialists ensure your systems run efficiently to facilitate the unified communications your business needs to grow. We also keep a watchful eye on your cybersecurity maintenance and management to make sure your network and sensitive data are protected from the increasing number of security threats.

Meriplex’s hybrid, public, or private cloud infrastructure management is at the center of your cloud environment. We support your business in configuring and scaling cloud infrastructure solutions to keep pace with your organization’s growth objectives. Without the proper components and support, you risk introducing unnecessary inefficiencies that negatively affect your business’s connectivity, user experiences, and security posture.

When To Choose Meriplex’s Cloud Infrastructure Services

Meriplex’s cloud infrastructure services eliminate the hurdles that many enterprises experience when balancing daily operations with cloud management. Reach out to us if you’re dealing with:

  • Limited data visibility and access
  • Siloed management tools
  • Increasing or unpredictable spending
  • Connectivity issues
  • Integration and automation difficulties
  • Software compatibility problems
  • Cloud security gaps and vulnerabilities
  • Inefficient scaling

Benefits of Meriplex’s Cloud Infrastructure Management

Whether its private or hybrid cloud infrastructure management you need, Meriplex delivers a wide range of benefits, including:

Understanding the Cloud

Choosing the cloud infrastructure solutions that fit your enterprise is vital. A cloud environment that doesn’t meet your enterprise’s computing, networking, data storage, and security needs defeats the entire purpose of virtualization. Meriplex’s team of experts has the knowledge and experience to help you choose the public, private, or hybrid cloud architecture that delivers the operational efficiency and flexibility your organization needs to thrive. To do that, we gain a deep understanding of your enterprise by learning:

  • What level of control over data processing, access, and security you want to retain
  • Whether the industry you operate in has specific compliance requirements
  • What level of expertise and management capabilities your IT team has
  • If you have the resources required to build, support, and maintain cloud infrastructure and data center equipment
  • What type of connectivity, internet or private network, suits your needs.
Close up view of closed in server blocks
  • Public Cloud Infrastructure

    Advantages of public cloud environments include pay-as-you-go costs, with third-party vendors maintaining your systems. However, companies with concerns about data security should be cautious. Public cloud computing may only be beneficial if your organization doesn’t face strict regulations and compliance requirements.

  • Private Cloud Infrastructure

    Meriplex’s private cloud infrastructure solutions allow you to customize a cloud environment to meet your specific needs. One of the most significant advantages private clouds hold over public cloud computing is superior security. If you operate in an industry with strict compliance requirements, like healthcare and finance, a private cloud is definitely preferable to a public one.

  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

    Often called the best of both cloud environments, hybrid cloud infrastructure uses the most beneficial elements of public and private clouds. With Meriplex’s hybrid cloud solutions, you determine what’s kept in secure data centers and what’s transferred to public clouds. This allows you to remain compliant with regulations by sending and securing sensitive data in the private cloud, while less critical data is routed to public channels. Hybrid cloud infrastructure is the backbone of SD-WAN, unified communications, and collaboration platforms. An added benefit of hybrid cloud infrastructure management is the cost saving compared to private clouds; you can quickly and securely virtualize with minimal investment.

Schedule a Cloud Infrastructure Consultation

Who you choose for your private or hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions matters just as much as the components that make up that infrastructure. Contact Meriplex today to schedule an appointment and begin your digital transformation.