Managed SD-WAN

Our SD-WAN solutions provide the performance, visibility, and scalability you need to connect users and devices across your organization securely.

Fully Managed SD-WAN Solutions

Picture a classroom full of unsupervised children running around doing whatever they want without guidance. That’s what your computers, mobile devices, apps, and phones are like without proper SD-WAN architecture and maintenance. However, with Meriplex’s fully managed SD-WAN services, those same devices and cloud applications work together to create a seamless, efficient network.

Our SD-WAN solutions route traffic through the ideal delivery channels to securely distribute data where it needs to be. Your critical data is sent via a private network, while information requiring less security is routed over public internet channels to keep secure networks free of delay or bottlenecks.

With Meriplex managed SD-WAN and cloud services, the security concerns, latency, and inefficiency of traditional WANs are gone. Our fully managed SD-WAN solutions ensure intelligent application performance and streamlined network performance through resiliency and redundancy. Connecting branch offices, headquarters, remote locations, and customers has never been easier or more secure than with Meriplex.

Challenges Faced by Businesses

Several signs indicate that a fully managed SD-WAN is suitable for your enterprise, including:

  • Unreliable or slow application performance
  • Poor connectivity and reoccurring outages
  • Limited traffic visibility and control
  • Security concerns
  • Undergoing a digital transformation or upgrading to the cloud
  • Inability to grow your business because of legacy technology and infrastructure
  • Overwhelmed IT staff
  • Your business needs to improve efficiency and streamline operations

Scheduled a Managed SD-WAN Consultation

Meriplex’s fully managed SD-WAN services enhance and support digital transformations and network connectivity. Schedule an appointment to find out how our customized SD-WAN solutions deliver the efficiency your business needs to grow.

Benefits of Our Managed SD-WAN

One of the most significant advantages of Meriplex’s managed SD-WAN services is that your business doesn’t have to deal with third parties. We work directly with providers, so you can focus on your core business functions while we implement our SD-WAN solutions. Additional benefits include:

  • Integrated cloud-based security solutions
  • Superior network performance
  • Enhanced network visibility and control
  • Fully leveraged cloud connectivity
  • Reduced costs compared to in-house staffing or MPLS networks
  • Increased bandwidth capacity

The Difference Meriplex’s SD-WAN Architecture Management Makes

To combat the growing number of cybersecurity threats, Meriplex takes a security-first approach to everything we do. Our experienced SD-WAN solutions team focuses on creating secure connections throughout your enterprise.

Meriplex strives to develop true partnerships with all of our clients. We’re not a replacement for internal IT teams, but rather a supplement that provides added expertise to address your issues. Our 24/7 management and monitoring give you the comfort of knowing you have a partner available whenever you need one.

What Type of Businesses Is Fully Managed SD-WAN For?

Every company, from small to medium-sized businesses up to large enterprises, needs improved network connectivity and application performance. No matter what industry you operate in, Meriplex’s managed SD-WAN can eliminate latency and operational inefficiencies.

You’re at a competitive disadvantage if your business has 10+ locations and isn’t utilizing fully managed SD-WAN services. In industries like healthcare, retail, and banking, securely and quickly transmitting data is essential. Meriplex has the expertise to manage SD-WAN architecture for businesses of all sizes and projects of any scope.

Managed SD WAN For your business

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