Managed Security Services for the Financial Industry

Sensitive financial information is a key target for cybercriminals. In the banking industry, finding the most practical ways to protect this information from unauthorized access or theft is vital to the reputation of your organization. Working with a company that specializes in securing financial data can allow you to protect your operations and your customers more effectively. Here are some keys to maintaining security for financial data on behalf of your customers and your company. This article will review managed security services for the financial industry.

Pain Points for Cybersecurity in the Financial Industry

Securing data and protecting sensitive financial information is especially important for companies in the financial industry. Banking institutions and financial information are attractive targets for criminals for a few basic reasons:

  • Monetary gain is a common motivation for criminal activity. Unauthorized access to and misuse of financial data can potentially net criminals thousands in illegally gotten gains. This can provide plenty of reasons for cybercriminals to go after poorly secured data in this sector.
  • As the digital world expands to encompass cloud computing and partnerships between a variety of businesses, targets of opportunity are also increasingly common. Maintaining adequate security for all these new connections and environments can be challenging even for companies with extensive IT teams and plenty of experience. In the banking industry, keeping sensitive data secure can be even more difficult to manage.
  • Staffing issues are a common concern among banks and other institutions that handle monetary transactions on a regular basis. Even larger IT departments may lack the specific expertise necessary to protect data against repeated and purposeful attacks on their systems. This can lead to data breaches and other issues that can affect the reputation of companies in the financial industry and can limit their abilities to respond effectively to threats in the cyber sector.

Working with a company that specializes in managed security services can provide your institution with added help in securing all sensitive and confidential data and in protecting the monetary interests of your customers and clients. This can protect your corporate reputation and can increase trust in your institution.

What are Managed Security Services?

Managed security services are designed to take the stress and worry out of maintaining security for banking information and other data in the financial industry. These services are structured to allow companies to outsource their cybersecurity activities to firms that specialize in these niche areas. This can often provide added help for banking institutions and commercial enterprises in safeguarding the payment data and other confidential information received from their clients.

Benefits of Working with a Managed Security Services Provider

Working with a managed security services provider or MSSP is often a good first step toward establishing a comprehensive cybersecurity plan for your institution. Your MSSP can help you manage data security efficiently and can provide you with the following essential cybersecurity services:

  • Monitoring and support that is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Assistance with cloud security to protect information stored in these data locations and servers
  • Proactive protection against emerging threats in the cyber world
  • Intrusion detection services designed to provide added help in preventing unauthorized data access and to address potential data breaches effectively
  • Creating virtual private networks that offer superior security and improved access for customers, staff members and management in the financial industry
  • Vulnerability scanning to identify areas of concern
  • Managed firewall services
  • Antivirus applications and recommendations that are tailored to suit your specific set of needs
  • Encryption and other protection methods for financial data transmissions and transactions

Working with the right MSSP can allow your company to focus on its core activities while outsourcing your cybersecurity requirements to experts in this field. At Meriplex, we offer practical managed security solutions tailored specifically to your company’s current and future needs. Our cybersecurity team can deliver the right solutions for you and your company to keep your data secure and your reputation unmarred.

Why Choose Meriplex for Managed Security Solutions?

At Meriplex, we offer the right cybersecurity options for the financial industry. We are an established MSSP with extensive experience in protecting confidential information on behalf of our clients. Some of the most important reasons to consider Meriplex for your managed security needs are listed here:

  • The experience you need: Meriplex has more than seven decades of combined experience in the cybersecurity and managed IT industries. We have the knowledge and the skilled IT team you need for managing data security for your financial institution.
  • A track record for customer satisfaction: With a 95-percent customer-satisfaction rating, Meriplex offers fast response times and effective solutions for our managed security customers.
  • In-depth knowledge of the industry: Our experience with banking institutions ensures that your firm is protected against data breaches and other risks in the online world.
  • Added confidence and peace of mind: Rather than hoping that your data is protected, you can enjoy absolute peace of mind when choosing Meriplex as your managed security services provider. We offer reliable managed security solutions that are designed with your needs in mind.
  • Increased staffing flexibility: Outsourcing your data protection requirements to our managed security team can free up staff time for your IT team. This can allow you to take on other challenges and activities that are related to your company’s core activities in the banking industry.
  • Faster responses to developing threats: At Meriplex, our proactive approach to banking cyberthreats allows our MSSP to act quickly to protect your data. This can ensure the best outcomes for your company and your customers while keeping cybercriminals safely at bay.

To learn more about our lineup of managed security services for the financial industry, contact Meriplex online to schedule a consultation with our team. We are a leading MSSP with proven experience in the financial industry. Our team can create the right security solutions for your data protection needs.