I.T. Services

Meriplex Complete I.T. offers a range of routine system maintenance and management to total I.T. outsourcing.


Health Monitoring
Monitoring of hardware, disk space, performance, process services, and scheduled tasks.
Patch Management
Detection of missing patches, acquiring & testing patches, deploying patches, & ensuring limited impact on users.
IT Asset Management
Managing Windows desktops, servers, and Macs remotely & efficiently
Audit & Inventory
Audit your managed IT environment for hardware & software inventory reviews or for generating reports.
Anti-Virus & Anti- Malware Software
Monitoring the status of the anti-virus & anti-malware on each managed endpoint
Reporting & Dashboards
Reporting on a monthly basis to communicate the overall health of your managed environment.


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I.T. Service Tiers


Tier 1

Meriplex dedicated Tier 1 help desk personnel are available Monday through Friday. Some items our Tier 1 provides include:

Applications Support                         Email Support                                 Printer Support 

Hardware Support                              Network Support                           Windows Server Administration 


Tier 2 

Our Tier 2 technical support assists with support issues that are outside the realm of our Tier 1 help desk. Some items our Tier 2 provides include: 

PC Refresh Installations                    Server Configurations                   DNS/ DHCP Adds, Moves & Changes

Firewall & Router Configuration     Server Backup Maintenance       Virus & Malware Removal


Tier 3  

Our Tier 3 technical support is responsible for handling the most difficult or advanced problems.  Some items our Tier 3 provides include: 

Active Directory Administration     Email Server Administration       File & Print Server Administration 

Troubleshoot Domain Controller   Server Backup Administration    Backup & Restore