When was the last time you performed an assessment of your security controls? Meriplex helps you align your security strategy with your business goals, reducing your cyber risk and ensuring these controls are effective for your organization.


Focused Solution
Define, deploy and monitor security solutions that are focused on reducing our customers risk
Cyber Security Strategy
Utilize well recognized Information Security frameworks to establish a robust strategy and program
Alleviate Attacks
Deploy a prioritized set of actions that follow best practices mitigating the most common attacks against systems, networks and employees



Security Services:  

Threat Management

We maintain a layered, sophisticated approach to keeping your network safe, deploying highly integrated security solutions and controls that function cohesively with one another, further strengthening your perimeter and internal defense system. 

User Friendly                                      Real-Time Solution                                        Comprehensive Protection 


Spam and Web-Filtering

By detecting unsolicited and unwanted messages, our spam email services play an integral role in suppressing cyberattacks and enhancing your antivirus protection. 

Anti-Virus Protection                      Phishing Attack Prevention                         Malware Protection


Vulnerability Management Program

Identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them to undermine the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of enterprise information assets.  

Invulnerability Lifecycle                 Remediation as an Option                           Frequent Scans 


SOC as a Service

Our analysts perform daily reviews of all your security incidents and notifications, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Threat Hunting                                 Manual Activity Reviews                              Daily Security Management 


SIEM as a Service 

Our SIEM as a Service solution correlates and analyzes logs of events that help detect, understand, and recover from an attack.

Event correlation                              Dashboard/Reporting                                  Customizable Rules