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Dear David:

Please thank your team for a successful helpdesk implementation and all of the hard work that goes into the day to day process of supporting our company. I greatly appreciate the partnership that we have formed with Meriplex. It has enabled us to optimize costs, bring the right resources in, and become more competitive. I look forward to building on that success next year as we help our Company achieve its organizational goals and deliver value each day.

Brian G.
 Information Technology Manager

Dear David:

I want to tell you how pleased we are with the solution Meriplex has given our company for its system wide long distance needs. Through the use of your system, we have been able not only to substantially lower our system wide long distance costs but have eliminated the costly dialers used for our Houston metro area calling services. Because of this, we have been able to reduce our long distance costs by better than 40.

With the re-direction of so much of our traffic to your system, we may have the option to review and perhaps restructure our line requirements here and at some of our field offices.

Feel free to use us as a reference and we will direct any business we can in your direction.

Keep up the good work.


Dear Kay:

Let me express my overwhelming satisfaction with both the communications service and the customer service that Meriplex provides. With all telecommunications companies, there are at least occasional problems, but it’s always reassuring that, whenever we have any little problem, a quick call to Meriplex puts me directly in touch with a single person — you — and that you then make my problem go away. Not that we have that many problems! The technical quality of your telephone and Internet service is excellent.

Thanks for being there!

Dr. Paul


I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know, that the response and quickness of you team today was impressive, I really don't know exactly what was the problem with my server, but that is irrelevant, I reach out to Werner and Kenn and their response was first class, congratulations and happy new year


Dear Mr. Henley:

On behalf of our company, I want to thank you for the exemplary manner in which your company handled the recent problems associated with the fire in downtown Houston that impacted CenterPoint Energy, Meriplex, its clients including us, and many others.

Early on the morning of October 5th we determined that all of our network systems (telephones, e-mail, internet access, etc.) were down. Our Controller, Tim, called the general number at Meriplex and spoke with the woman who answered the phone. He was told of the fire, and that Meriplex was working to get its back-up systems working with anticipated timing of a few hours, but establishing an expectation that by lunch time everything would be functional. We were quite concerned, and needless to say you can imagine the “grumbling” around the office. However, in less than two hours, everything was “up and running” as if nothing had happened.

For a problem of that magnitude to be resolved so quickly was quite impressive. Further, for the communications from Meriplex to be as simple, accurate, thorough and comprehensive as they were, made a huge difference to us. Instead of experiencing a major problem which could have resulted in a significant loss of manpower, data and dollars, we were only slightly inconvenienced, and our confidence in you as our network provider was significantly affirmed.

We like to consider ourselves consummate professionals in our field, but we are not able to accomplish our objectives without similar expertise from those service providers we rely on for our overall functionality. Please express our appreciation and congratulations to the appropriate people at Meriplex for their personal attention to detail, and for their preparedness and quick actions to restore our operational functionality in a manner that exceeded our expectations.

Nicola M.

Hi Dawn,

I have to tell you, that I am SO IMPRESSED with Meriplex!!! Y’all never cease to amaze me. Adam was/is absolutely wonderful. He set our new phone system up without a hitch… and whatever needed to be adjusted he did immediately. He did an incredible job… I am your biggest fan!!!
I want to wish everyone at Meriplex a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Y’all are AWESOME!!!


Good morning Everyone,

I just wanted to drop a note to say a big thank you for your support and help over the last year, it is very much appreciated.

I know we all get embroiled in day to day tasks/projects but sometimes it nice to step back and take in what we all have achieved in the last year. As we have come to expect, Meriplex surpassed all expectation in round two of our WAN project this year. To us and to myself in particular Meriplex and all of you, are much more than a provider, you are colleagues and friends. Never was this more evident when we lost our dear friend John Cisar in September. I just wanted to take time out to wish you all a very Happy Holiday season, enjoy and thanks again for your help and support.


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