What Requirements Should A Surveillance Firm Meet?

What requirements should a surveillance firm meet?

Findings from Memoori’s report on the state of commercial physical security show that demand for advanced business security is at an all-time high. According to the report, video surveillance has the highest growth and adoption rates among retail security solutions. Memoori forecasts the market size for video surveillance products and services to reach $32.64 billion by 2023.

This growth trend indicates that organizations are keen on reinforcing physical on-site security, even if only to supplement other security measures such as IT protection. It also means that there are numerous products, services, and security providers for businesses to choose from, making it harder for buyers to find the ideal combination.

When purchasing surveillance equipment and services, the supplier you choose may determine the kind of security system you end up having. Here are the essential requirements you should look for in a surveillance firm.

1. Knowledge and Experience

Look for a surveillance firm with extensive knowledge in the industry and years of experience in the security business. Partner with a company that has been operational long enough to have dealt with many different scenarios, and knows the ins and outs of the surveillance world. It takes skill and exposure in the field to determine the right security system for each client.

2. Provide Flexible and Scalable Solutions

The surveillance provider should offer a flexible and easily scalable solution that adjusts seamlessly to shifts in the client’s security demands. For instance, it should be possible to fine-tune features and functions, and also extend or shrink coverage on demand. Having a custom surveillance service that can be tweaked effortlessly whenever necessary saves both time and money.

3. Advanced Surveillance Features

There is a lot more to security surveillance than merely putting up CCTV cameras. Modern surveillance systems are powered by sophisticated state-of-the-art digital technologies to maximize efficiency. Some of the revolutionary features in today’s security systems include:

  • Remote viewing and control capabilities
  • Intelligent monitoring and video content analytics
  • Facial recognition
  • License plate capture
  • Integration with smart technologies
  • High-resolution video and clear audio
  • Object counting
  • Cloud-based data storage

Hire a surveillance firm that can deliver a system comprised of these handy capabilities to ensure that every security blind spot is covered. It is also more convenient, economical, and practical to take a holistic approach to surveillance.

4. Reliable Data Storage

Digital IP cameras are quickly phasing out their analog predecessors that mostly rely on VCRs and DVRs for data storage. Digitized systems solve many surveillance data management issues such as storage space, organization, and protection since they can compress, encrypt and store data in various logical formats. However, the reliability and security of these digital storage systems typically hinge on the equipment and services offered by the surveillance firm.

The security provider must ensure that surveillance data is stored securely, and is readily available on demand. Ideally, the firm should also provide a dependable off-site backup and recovery facility to guarantee data availability in case of data loss or breach.

5. Proof of certification, licensing and compliance

The Federal electronic surveillance statutes govern electronic surveillance in the U.S. Most states also have their sets of surveillance restrictions and guidelines. These legislations mostly focus on safeguarding user privacy and determining where and when it would be appropriate to monitor activities and communications using electronic surveillance systems.

Every surveillance firm should be well aware of these laws and fully complaint. If the firm is registered as a private security company, it must also possess all the necessary certifications and licenses from the relevant state or federal authorities. Proof of legal compliance and approval is enough reassurance that the security provider operates within stipulated ethical standards.

Surveillance and business security mean different things to different organizations. On top of that, security technology has evolved rapidly over the last few years, thanks to technical innovations in AI, media processing, and networking. It is, therefore, vital that you understand exactly what you are getting by choosing the right surveillance provider.

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