Meriplex Unified Communications as a Service is cloud-based and scalable hosted voice solution that makes your business more productive without the hassle of maintaining and managing a PBX. With our UCaaS solution, you’ll get features like instant messaging, video chat, auto attendant, call center functions and more that integrates across all devices. 


Low Up-Front Cost
With hosted voice, you pay for only what you need with predictable monthly expenses
Focus on your Business
No premises-based equipment to install, maintain, or occupy space
Secure & Reliable Solution
We deliver a high quality, reliable solution over our managed network
Integrate Your Devices
Make and receive calls anywhere at anytime on your mobile device, laptop or tablet
Leverage Technology
Flexible infrastructure that can grow as your grow while feature upgrades are done in the network
Easy Management & Adminstration
Admins and users can easily control adds, changes and moves



UCaaS Features 


A Wealth of Capabilities to Make Your Business More Productive 


Web-portal to manage calls, voicemails and faxes 


Personalized call manager to meet your
     business needs


Auto attendant and music-on-hold feature


Call logs to provide a detailed record of your


Click-to-dial and voicemail-to-email transcripts 



Communicate More Effectively with Accession


Accession allows you to integrate voice, instant messaging, video and
     email into a single, cross functional platform 


Communicate with a click of a mouse, via instant messenger, voice or


Know the status of your co-workers with “presence capabilities”: available,
     away, in a meeting, or offline 


Integrate with CRM and business tool such as Salesforce, WebEx, Google,
    and more 


User interface enables contact management for calls and IM’s


Easily add or subtract contacts from in or outside your company or
     integrate with Outlook contacts



Extend your Desk Phone to your Mobile Device 


Accession Mobile extends the experience found in your Hosted Voice to
     your mobile device


Instant messaging integrated with other users in your company


Use Call Jump to move a call from your mobile device to your desk
phone, Accession Desktop, or any number you choose


Optimized user experience enables users to segregate business usage
     and calls from personal usage


Accession uses cutting edge technology to ensure high level of voice