Implementing SD-WAN for the Retail Industry

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) arrangements can often provide real benefits for companies in the retail sector. Understanding this advanced technology can allow your business to manage many aspects of connectivity much more effectively and efficiently. Meriplex can provide the support retailers need to implement SD-WAN technologies and techniques into their everyday operations. This article will detail what you need to know about SD-WAN and the retail industry.

What Is a Software-Defined Wide Area Network?

Software-defined wide-area networks use software packages to manage connectivity for local and remote locations as well as cloud-based servers. For retailers, this ability to manage numerous stores with one integrated system can allow improved connectivity and communications throughout the organization.

SD-WAN implementations are widely considered to be the future of connectivity for most business applications. These systems offer improved security for networks and can streamline management for companies in a wide range of market sectors. Working with a trusted provider like Meriplex to implement these advanced technologies can help retailers to address some key pain points for their operations.

Pain Points for Retailers in the Networking Environment

Networking and connectivity can pose some serious challenges for retail companies. Increased demands for instant information and communications between various stores and administrative centers can put a real strain on available bandwidth and can lead to unexpected downtime for some of the services needed by associates and customers. Software-defined wide-area networking solutions can address these key pain points for retailers in an efficient and cost-effective way:

  • Creating memorable in-store experiences: Modern customers are looking for seamless access to information both in your stores and online. Finding ways to deliver this information about your products and services to your customers wherever they happen to be presents significant challenges that require careful management of bandwidth by retailers.
  • Establishing a reputation for reliability: Failing to maintain uptime for e-commerce sites and to deliver dependable access to the information customers need can damage your company’s public reputation. This can affect not only your short-term profitability but can have lasting repercussions for your brand.
  • Balancing various applications: Managing bandwidth requirements can be a challenge for many retailers. From in-store applications to e-commerce platforms and inventory management across stores, making sure that your organization manages its available bandwidth for optimal performance should be a priority for your retail organization.
  • Moving to the cloud: Cloud computing solutions can provide much-needed redundancy and can allow your business to continue to operate at near-peak efficiency even under challenging circumstances. Many retailers have difficulty making the move to the cloud from local solutions.
  • Maintaining security: Implementing effective security measures for financial information, sensitive data and proprietary intellectual property can be challenging in the retail sector.

Implementing SD-WAN connectivity can resolve many of these pain points for retailers and can streamline the process of managing bandwidth and connectivity. At Meriplex, we offer practical help for your company in creating software-defined wide area network capabilities that will resolve your specific set of pain points and will help you stay competitive in the modern retail world.

Advantages of SD-WAN Implementations

Software-defined wide area network technologies are expected to see continued growth through 2029. Working with Meriplex to create and implement an SD-WAN solution tailor-made for your business can provide you with some real benefits:

  • Improved connectivity: Perhaps the most important benefit of a software-defined wide-area network implementation is the enhanced connectivity these systems can provide for your organization. By combining local area networks, cloud servers and other connection types into one functional wide-area network controlled by advanced software, you can manage connections for improved performance across all your locations.
  • Better management of bandwidth: Bandwidth management is a primary selling point and a reason for the widespread adoption of this software-defined connectivity solution. Wide-area networks (WANs) that use software to reallocate bandwidth where it is most needed can provide real help for retailers in managing workloads and balancing competing needs for bandwidth by brick-and-mortar locations, customers and e-commerce platforms.
  • Enhanced interoperability: Because these advanced networks are designed to accept and incorporate a variety of connection types, software-defined WANs offer superior flexibility for your network architecture. This can allow you to expand or contract your network to accommodate new connections and services without a complete restructuring of your infrastructure.
  • Improved security: The security features that are built into software-defined WANs can provide greater protection for sensitive, confidential and proprietary data. In contrast to many legacy WANs, these advanced networking solutions are designed with security in mind. This can reduce the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to customer data, both of which could result in reduced public confidence in your company and its products and services.
  • Streamlined network management: Because most of the heavy lifting of network management is done by software programs, software-defined WANs can reduce the workload of in-house IT teams in managing your networking needs. Outsourcing your software-defined wide area network implementation to Meriplex can further reduce demands on IT resources and can allow your team to focus on other aspects of your business needs.

Working with the cybersecurity and networking professionals at Meriplex can provide added support for companies in the retail sector. Rather than maintaining a full-time IT staff to manage your networking requirements, retailers can often save time and money by outsourcing these activities to a company that specializes in network management and cybersecurity.

Why Choose Meriplex for Your Retail SD-WAN Implementation?

At Meriplex, we offer an extensive array of services that can provide your retail business with customized assistance for your networking and security requirements. Some of the most important reasons to select our team for your managed IT needs are our in-depth knowledge of the modern cybersecurity environment, our proactive approach to cyber threats and our extensive knowledge of networking strategies. To learn more about our SD-WAN options or to schedule a consultation with our IT experts, contact Meriplex online today. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.