SD-WAN for the Automotive Industry

The right type of networking solution can be critical to your organization’s performance. This article will detail the various aspects of SD-WAN for the automotive industry.

The Automotive Industry is Customer-Centric

Customer satisfaction is the engine of the automotive industry. High customer confidence in the vehicles you sell and repair requires having uninterrupted services. This means having new technologies to carry customers through every transaction from beginning to end.

Operating with a slow, complex and often unreliable wide area network structure can hamper performance demands. Instead, a better user experience occurs with a secure and reliable platform. Software defined wide area network, or SD-WAN, offers this near-perfect solution.

What is SD-WAN?

A software-defined wide area network is a virtual service that allows companies to improve user experiences through secure connections over geographical distances. Accessing applications via a combination of services such as broadband internet or multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) is easier.

This technology monitors these connections to ensure consistent performance and resiliency. In addition, traffic is also monitored to optimize high-speed connectivity. Based on business intent, the WAN architecture is simplified for improved network security and high-quality user experience.

SD-WAN for the Automotive Industry

Your auto business depends on a reliable, secure and fast network to connect employees, customers and business partners. At the same time, you need to ensure key applications at each branch location functions properly.

Most likely, all business-critical applications are located on one private system. These may include:

  • Inventory management
  • CRM
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Auto repair management

To deliver superior customer service, employees need a dependable system to execute their daily business tasks. Perhaps you offer free WiFi connection for customers at every location. In either case, you want to ensure that network performance does not negatively impact these needs.

Not only do you need reliable internet connections and functioning software applications, but also you want the room to grow. Adding more locations and staff requires a scalable architecture that can handle higher volumes of traffic.

Otherwise, there is delayed productivity among employees. Furthermore, the strain on internet bandwidth will affect customers while they wait for a car repair or purchase. Switching to SD-WAN is a good way to seamlessly integrate and secure connections and traffic.

Benefits of an Intelligent WAN

Simply put, a software defined wide area network has more to offer your automotive business. With this innovative technology you not only have simplified management and operation of the current WAN, but you can also experience the real-world, tangible benefits described below.

Improved Data Security 

Your car dealership is a gold mine for cybercriminals looking to steal customer information. As such, following security protocols to keep this data safe is vital to having a business that customers can trust.

Instead of using multiple devices at several locations, a software-defined wide area network integrates functions on a single device. Centralized security makes it easier to block malicious activity without impacting other operations in the network.

Customized Configuration

Speed and reliability can make a difference in the workday. Employees need reliable connections to service customer needs. With a cloud-enabled network, the configuration is easy and specific to what your business requires.

For instance, internet bandwidth can increase on weekends during peak performance times when customers bring their vehicles in for service.

Improved speed and responsiveness are traits of this type of technology service. Additionally, you avoid latency and jittery issues because traffic improves for high-demand applications.

Better Application Performance 

The need for speed is not a cover for poor application performance. Rather, you also need business applications performing at optimal levels even if an outage takes place. By design, SD-WAN provides a smooth flow for your business applications.

Essentially, traffic gets re-routed to a link that can support the application’s performance. Efficient access without backhauling traffic gives every user a better experience.

Automatic New Branch Configuration

The last thing you want is business stagnation because your technology does not support growth. A software defined wide area network is a scalable way of supporting your growth strategy by providing automatic configuration of each new location.

Additionally, adding a dedicated technical resource for each site is not necessary. Your automotive dealership can benefit from reduced provisioning time and management costs. Each remote location can effectively perform daily functions that support your business needs.

Increase in Productivity

Slow access to business applications can negatively impact employee productivity. Alternatively, reliable application performance means remote workers and employees at different branches can experience increased productivity.

This technology solution enables more users to gain access to various business applications without delay. Uptime has a direct impact on your bottom line. Employees are able to complete more tasks without having to wait for slow applications.

Uniformity of Policy

A direct benefit of using a software defined wide area network is uniformity of policy control. This type of solution is centrally managed, which means an automatic policy-based framework. As a result, you have consistent processes and requirements that are not vulnerable to human error.

Therefore, you have an assurance that all auto branch locations operate the same way.

Flexible Network Management 

Another benefit of using an SD-WAN is being able to control and manage security, cloud and network function through one centralized location. This advantage for your dealership means flexibility to deploy new connections.

More flexibility also ensures your network can easily adapt to specific business needs. Through detailed reporting, you can see how applications perform on the network.

Cost-Effective Technology Solution

The cost-effectiveness of SD-WAN is one of the main reasons to integrate this technology solution with your dealership. By simply overlaying the software side onto current technology, you benefit from a reliable and secure network.

Also, you no longer use expensive technologies for regular business functions. Ongoing operating expenses decrease because you have lower overhead and equipment costs. When it is time to grow, you have a networking technology that can keep pace with your dealership.

Switch to an Intelligent Network Solution for Your Dealership!

If you want to learn more about achieving a high-performing SD-WAN solution for your automotive dealership, contact Meriplex today. We offer IT services that help you transform your business through a fully secure network. Learn more about the new FTC Safeguards Rules for auto dealerships and the extended deadline of June 9th, 2023!