Pros and Cons of SD-WAN in Philadelphia

A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a proven solution that can help your company achieve better connectivity and bandwidth management. These advanced software-driven routing technologies can also boost application performance and can enhance your end-user experience in Philadelphia and other parts of Pennsylvania. Here are a few of the most important pros and cons of SD-WAN technologies for your Philadelphia business enterprises.

Pro: Improved Quality of Service

SD-WAN solutions can be configured to prioritize mission-critical applications when managing traffic, bandwidth, and other resources. This can add up to improved user experience for staff members and customers while allowing you to manage bandwidth requirements on a real-time basis. By implementing these advanced networking options for your business, you can improve productivity among your staff members and can make the best possible impression on customers who interact with your Philadelphia-based company online.

Pro: Reduced Latency

Latency is a delay in the response time of applications and servers caused by the time needed for packets of data to travel between their origin points and the endpoints where that data will be used. Properly functioning SD-WAN solutions can reduce latency and can promote improved user experiences for vendors, customers, and staff members. By reducing latency issues, you can ensure the best quality of service for those who depend on accessing your applications and data.

Con: Global Implementations Require Additional Expertise

For international companies, finding the right SD-WAN solutions to manage multiple ISPs can be challenging. If your Philadelphia, Pennsylvania business has locations around the world, you can expect additional challenges when implementing these advanced networking systems. Managed service providers can often provide the knowledge and expertise your business needs for a successful SD-WAN implementation.

Pro: Efficient Automated Setup for Routing

SD-WAN orchestration makes it much easier to identify WAN links and endpoints that otherwise would have to be added individually. For companies with multiple branches and routers, orchestration allows the establishment of consistent rules that can be applied by your SD-WAN solutions automatically. This can streamline the process of incorporating new endpoints and servers into your network and can allow you to reduce the workload for your in-house IT staff.

Con: Required Expertise for Implementation and Maintenance

Many companies report that a lack of in-house expertise is a significant barrier to the adoption of SD-WAN technology for their networking and connectivity needs. In many cases, working with qualified service providers that have experience in advanced SD-WAN solutions can allow companies to access the expertise they need without extensive investment in human resources. Working with a managed services provider can often represent the best use of company resources and can balance efficiency with the cost for an improved financial bottom line.

Pro: Seamless Cloud Connectivity

Because modern SD-WAN solutions are designed to work with cloud computing and data storage systems, they can provide direct cloud access for remote workers, branch offices, and other locations. This can significantly reduce the traffic and strain on your core networks and can enhance overall performance and productivity for every member of your staff. As cloud technologies become more prevalent throughout the business world, making sure that you enjoy the benefits of these advanced systems for your company can allow you to maintain and improve your position in the competitive marketplace.

Pro: Better Security for Networks and Data

Cybersecurity is a key concern for government agencies and private companies alike. Many SD-WAN solutions feature robust security that can protect data and provide added help in preventing cyberattacks that could affect your company’s performance and public reputation. Working with a qualified managed services provider with proven experience in implementing SD-WAN technology can help your Philadelphia company reduce the risk of data breaches and other intrusions to your corporate servers.

How Meriplex Can Help

At Meriplex, we offer an extensive array of services designed to help you manage your networking, connectivity, and cloud computing requirements in Philadelphia and other areas in Pennsylvania. Our team specializes in cybersecurity services that can prevent many data breaches and cyber crimes before they occur. Some of our most popular managed services include the following:

  • Managed and secure SD-WAN solutions to enhance connectivity
  • Cybersecurity services to protect confidential and proprietary data
  • Endpoint management tools and inventory
  • Cloud infrastructure and connectivity solutions
  • Backup and recovery services
  • Help desk support
  • Physical security options that include video surveillance and real-time monitoring

If you are looking for real-time monitoring and improved routing throughout your organization, a software-defined wide area network implementation performed and maintained by the experts at Meriplex could be an ideal solution for your business. To learn more about our lineup of services, contact us today to set up a consultation with our team. At Meriplex, we are here to help you manage risk and maintain connectivity for your business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.