How To Find the Right IT Outsourcing Partner for Your Business

Finding the right IT outsourcing partner can be a difficult task. Learn more about how you can better navigate the process of identifying the best fit for your organization.

Focus on the Business

The complex growth of information technology systems makes it increasingly harder for some organizations to manage. Making sure the IT infrastructure functions without major disruptions requires a certain level of focus. This is where an outsourcing partner offers effective digital transformation and IT management.

Typically, outsourcing services for information technology consists of different facets, such as:

  • IT networks
  • System requirements
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud computing
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Software solutions and licenses

Managing these components can take energy, time, and money away from core business purposes. Engaging an external team to fully manage or co-manage these functions can enhance efficiency across the board.

The Rise in Popularity of IT Outsourcing

Managing an entire IT ecosystem is an enormous undertaking. Doing so effectively requires staff and expertise that your business may not be able to afford.

Tapping into resources and capabilities not readily available in-house has boosted the popularity of IT outsourcing services. But while outsourcing services can be a cost-cutting tool, a successful partnership offers more strategic gains.

Outsourcing all or part of the IT infrastructure can drive business results. You have access to resources and knowledge to address short and long-term needs. With help, support, and guidance, your business has the advantage of growing with scalable technology solutions.

Business Considerations Before Outsourcing

The following three things are essential to consider about your business before outsourcing some or all of your needs.

Operational Control

Outsourcing IT tasks may come at the cost of losing operational control over certain business functions. Therefore, before you enter a partnership with a services provider, determine how much governance and control you want to maintain.

By clarifying this with the provider, you ensure that your expectations are understood and met.

Security and Safety

Another consideration before entering a partnership is how much data is accessible to the outsourcing provider. Entering an agreement means providing sensitive data about your business. Know how the provider will protect systems, data, and business processes.

Communication Barriers

Having a staff to support your technology needs or emergencies after office hours is crucial. Therefore, you should consider the communication protocols the provider practices. Minimizing service interruption takes center stage.

Whether time zone differences or other situations arise, make sure you get a clear agreement and solution for overcoming communication barriers.

Reasons To Consider IT Outsourcing

There are many benefits to consider when outsourcing functions of your IT infrastructure. A major benefit for your business is filling gaps within your current IT department. The right outsourcing partner has career specialists with a broad range of knowledge and work experience.

With this level of expertise, your partner can deploy strategies and solutions that improve performance. As a result, you reap the benefit of cost savings by not hiring and retaining in-house staff. Instead, you can simply contact the provider for targeted services.

Other benefits include:

  • Free up time and resources for core business functions
  • Control operating expenses
  • Reduce unnecessary downtime
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Gain access to highly specialized technology talent
  • Connect to technical support
  • Maintain a competitive edge

Outsourcing Options for Information Technology Services

There are many ways to work with a managed services provider, but the two main outsourcing options are as follows:

Co-Managed IT Services

One of the options for a technology outsourcing partner is co-managed IT services. This type of service divides functions between your IT department and the service provider.

You can optimize efficiency by pairing an external management service with in-house specialists. By entering into this partnership, you decide when to use the resources. In addition, the outsourced firm seeks to support, enhance and supplement the existing IT team.

By establishing co-managed IT services, you can:

  • Identify the services needed to meet organizational goals and objectives
  • Analyze where your existing IT department lacks the skills, tools, resources, and abilities to meet those goals and objectives
  • Choose a third-party partnership to fill those gaps

Each business has different co-management needs, even within the same industry. Therefore, consider an IT outsourcing partner that can create solutions customized to your business needs. Another important aspect of co-managed services is a flexible strategy when your needs change.

Managed IT Services

While various types of managed services are available, not all providers offer the same IT solutions. Some providers offer an extensive list of services like what is presented below. Others have a selection of services. Your choice will depend on what is right for your business.

Network and Infrastructure

With network and infrastructure services, a managed service provider is fully responsible for running your network. This includes SD-WAN, LAN, and any other way your business connects. Typically, backup and storage management options are also included.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud-based managed services are a standard offering as more organizations adopt cloud solutions to access web-based applications and store digital documents. An MSP supports the cloud infrastructure with secure virtualization services.

This requires security monitoring to ensure the safety of your business network. It also involves taking a proactive approach to building a cloud platform that benefits your business.

Support Services

Help desk and customer IT support services are standard options. Service providers have a dedicated team available to troubleshoot and resolve simple or advanced issues. Since problems can arise anytime, you need an MSP that offers 24/7 support services.


Cyber attacks regularly appear in the news, especially when criminals paralyze a business’s operations. So you want to find an IT outsourcing partner that takes cyber threats seriously.

With a solid strategy, the MSP will assess vulnerable areas, provide guidance and offer prevention plans. They will also be prepared with recovery services if your business is an unfortunate victim.

Mobile Computing

Offering wireless services for your business’s mobile devices is crucial as more employees work in varied settings. They need seamless access to applications and data, whether in the office or at home. In addition, a services provider ensures safe and functional connectivity.

This list is a sampling of the services available to you from a service provider. Outsourcing allows you to cover your needs whether all, some, or other IT services are not listed. The right IT outsourcing partner brings a budget-friendly solution that does not require full-time staff.

Other Services

While managed IT companies typically deliver the above cost-effective solutions as core offerings, they can also expand into other areas that could benefit your business. For example, they may also offer IT consulting services, telecommunications, big data, staff augmentation, system integration, project management, iOS and Android management, and other business services.

Reasons To Consider IT Outsourcing

There are many benefits to consider when outsourcing functions of your IT infrastructure. A major benefit for your business is filling gaps within your current IT department. The right outsourcing partner has career specialists with a broad range of knowledge and work experience.

With this level of expertise, your partner can deploy strategies and solutions that improve performance. As a result, you reap the benefit of cost savings by not hiring and retaining in-house staff. Instead, you can simply contact the provider for targeted services.

Other benefits include:

  • Free up time and resources for core business functions
  • Control operating expenses
  • Reduce unnecessary downtime
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Gain access to highly specialized technology talent
  • Connect to technical support
  • Maintain a competitive edge

Qualities To Look for in the Right IT Outsourcing Partner

Beyond services, there are certain qualities you should expect from a partner entrusted with your business’s IT environment. Enter a long-term service plan for managing this essential element with a partner that has a proven track record.

Generally, top-performing outsourcing providers will display characteristics such as:

  • A commitment to quality – flexible pricing models for service level agreements that outline standards for fulfilling the services
  • Open communication – Transparency is not an option when maintaining a healthy partnership between your business and the IT outsourcing provider. You need to know systems are running properly.
  • Stability and reliability – A good reputation for using safeguards and backups with other organizations is reassurance that you can expect the same.
  • Complete technology and staffing – The provider should meet the demands of managing an IT environment, including unexpected scenarios.

How To Find a Top IT Outsourcing Provider

Many people have their own process of choosing a vendor, but here are some suggestions to help your final decision:

Define Scope

Before you begin contacting potential partners for outsourcing services, define the scope of their work. As an executive, you are responsible for knowing the goals and needs of your business.

Writing out the scope helps define primary needs and possible solutions to meet those needs. Doing this upfront gives you a clearer picture of desired outcomes for the partnership. It also helps you tailor your search with providers that offer the best IT solutions.

Still, most providers will offer to complete an evaluation of your IT systems. This also gives them a clear picture of how your system functions and where improvements are necessary. To do a good job, the provider needs more than vague requirements.

Working from specific terms and expectations narrows the scope and keeps everyone on the same team.

Vet Expertise

Another critical part of finding the right technology outsourcing services is vetting their level of expertise. Not only should they be familiar with your business industry, but they must also have the technical knowledge and skill sets for that industry.

Expertise includes having access to and skill in the latest technologies. Experience in solving complex challenges is an added bonus.

Market Reputation

Along with technical expertise, you need a partner with a solid reputation. Know how they work with other clients, whether they miss deadlines or dismiss your needs. If possible, speak with past clients for a better perspective.

Only enter a partnership with an IT outsourcing provider once you are confident in their market reputation. Having a track record of responsive delivery and alignment with your business goals is not open to compromise.

Know the Financial Costs

While cost is not a determining factor in who to trust, it is crucial to your final decision. Therefore, know how much your business can afford to invest before approaching potential partners.

Secure Intellectual Property

Because data security and privacy are two primary business concerns, protecting intellectual property should stay top of mind. Entering into a partnership with an IT outsourcing company requires sharing sensitive business information.

If the provider does not properly manage your intellectual property, your business can be exposed to all sorts of risks. From security breaches to unauthorized access, mismanagement does not give you an advantage. Instead, your business is vulnerable to external and internal attacks.

Likewise, you may share some sensitive information while meeting with potential partners. To protect your business, have the providers sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Other Outsourcing Features To Consider

Increasingly, businesses of all sizes cannot fully function in the market without technology. Reliance on technology to run business operations means having continued connectivity.

When choosing an outsourcing partner, consider their level of expertise and regulatory compliance.

Expert Managed Services

The expertise of a technology outsourcing company is the primary reason to use its services. Typically, the IT outsourcing provider employs certified professionals with skill sets that match your IT equipment.

Therefore, choose a partner that requires up-to-date certifications on the latest technological advancements.

Regulatory Compliance

Hiring an IT outsourcing company typically means they function as an extension of your in-house IT department. As such, they will likely handle critical client and business data. Consequently, you must ensure they follow proper data management and storage protocols.

This may include proof of accreditation certificate for handling information management systems and network security issues.

What To Avoid in an IT Outsourcing Provider

While there is a myriad of reasons to outsource your IT needs to a managed services provider, there are things you want to avoid. Otherwise, the hopes of maintaining high-performing technology systems are dashed.

Take care to avoid these outsourcing pitfalls. Doing so can help to ensure you achieve the intended results.

Compromising on Quality

No one faults you for looking for ways to save money. However, you want to avoid accepting the cheapest offer. Unfortunately, the IT outsourcing provider that only wants to win the bidding war does not have your business’s best interest in mind.

Furthermore, any money added to your bottom line is quickly deducted when you have to shell out more money to correct incompetent decisions. Technology is a vital artery within your business. You want to avoid problems that cause irreversible or costly damage to the network.

Hidden Managed Service Provider Costs

Reducing costs was probably your primary reason for considering an outsourcing partner to manage the IT infrastructure. You benefit from the economies of scale from a third party without adding to your business’s operational costs.

Be careful that the provider does not promise one fee upfront and adds more to the invoice. Instead, the right provider will thoroughly evaluate your current and future IT needs. As a result, they will present a proposal that outlays service expenses.

Inflexible With Contract Terms

Initial assessments should come from an honest look at your IT needs. The outsourcing provider offers management and support it considers appropriate for your IT platform. However, some things may change.

Therefore, you want a partner willing to provide flexible terms supportive of growth and change. Ideally, the service contract spells out current needs with the flexibility to make changes as necessary.

This should not be problematic when the ultimate goal is to keep your business and employees connected.

Promising Unrealistic Expectations

Some IT outsourcing providers may offer rigid terms. Others might be tempted to set unrealistic expectations about their ability or what your infrastructure actually needs. Generally, this happens when the provider is too eager to secure the contract.

They magnify their capacity to give businesses immediate results and benefits from using their services. But, in their haste, they are tempted to be agreeable when they should offer an expert analysis of what is needed and achievable.

Avoid disappointments by choosing a partner who is agreeable to what is required to achieve your goals and objectives.

Relinquishing Total Control

A significant risk to outsourcing any business function is the loss of control. This reality is especially concerning when you depend on an outside party to manage your IT assets with care.

Partnering with a provider that remains transparent throughout the contract is the best way to avoid relinquishing total control. In fact, a good provider wants to keep you in the loop of how they are managing the infrastructure.

Even if the IT outsourcing company works remotely, there should be a constant line of communication on both sides.

Poor Communicators

Silence is not golden when you have an emergency and cannot reach your managed IT services provider. Advances in technology include different ways to communicate in virtual settings. For example, face-to-face meetings are easily replaced with video conferencing platforms.

In other words, you need an outsourcing partner that understands the importance of open, honest communication. You are entrusting your digital assets and infrastructure to their abilities.

Poor Performance

When an outsourced IT provider is unfamiliar with your infrastructure, their performance will suffer. Solutions to information technology are not one-size-fits-all. Care should be taken to provide services that fit your needs.

This includes resolving unforeseen issues with little to no downtime for your business operations. In addition, you want to avoid a potential provider that does not take time to become well-versed in the infrastructure of your business.

Meriplex Is Ready To Step In As Your IT Outsourcing Partner!

Information technology’s rapid evolution remains crucial for organizations to stay competitive in the market. However, some organizations do not have the resources to recruit, hire and retain experts.

For most, information technology outsourcing is the solution to staying competitive while accommodating technical needs. Fortunately, managed service providers offer vital infrastructure to support business growth and keep data safe. You should expect a partner that delivers:

  • Robust security measures to avoid or quickly restore data losses
  • Responsiveness in providing critical support
  • Customized solutions that match your business operations
  • Uninterrupted business data accessibility

If you need expansive, flexible IT outsourcing solutions, Meriplex is ready to provide innovative managed and co-managed services. We deliver 24/7 help desk support, cloud security, and so much more!

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