What to Look for When Choosing a Baton Rouge Managed Security Services Provider

In today’s business landscape, you need to be ahead of the curve when protecting your assets. This article will detail what to look for when selecting a Baton Rouge managed security services provider.

Protect Your Baton Rouge Business

Finding ways to manage your company’s cybersecurity and compliance requirements in Baton Rouge, Louisiana can be challenging. Managed security services are a practical way to access the expertise your company needs to protect your confidential information and your networks from outside intrusion and unauthorized access. Working with a managed security services provider (MSSP) with proven credentials in the industry can be a practical way to handle all elements of your data security program. Here are some key facts about MSSPs and some things to look for when choosing your Baton Rouge managed security provider.

What Is a Managed Security Services Provider?

Gartner defines a managed service provider as a company that administers networks, applications, and cybersecurity activities on behalf of other businesses. By outsourcing your security and compliance tasks to an MSSP, you can often streamline your IT processes and staffing requirements to a considerable degree.

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Baton Rouge MSSP?

When selecting a managed security firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you should look for some key characteristics to ensure the best results for your business operations. Here are some of the most important criteria to consider when selecting a managed security provider for your current and future needs:

  • Experience and expertise: Your managed security services provider will be responsible for managing many aspects of your networking and cybersecurity defense strategy. Consequently, you should select an established company with the experience you need and a proven reputation for expertise in the compliance and security field.
  • Responsive customer service: Selecting an MSSP with always-available help-desk functions can allow you to access the help you need when you need it most. Working with a company that has a solid reputation for customer service can reduce downtime and allow you to manage your ongoing IT activities in the most positive way possible. 
  • Advanced skill profiles: Modern businesses require the most advanced security to guard information and systems against the latest cyber threats. Choosing an MSSP with the skills and knowledge needed to secure your networks and data is essential to protect proprietary information, intellectual property, and confidential financial data for your company. Your provider for managed security services should stay current with all the latest threats and developments in the online environment to protect your data, your servers, and your networks in the most effective ways. This can reduce the risk of data breaches that could cost your company its good reputation among your customers and could end up affecting your profitability and your financial future.
  • Cost savings: In many cases, your managed security services provider can save you a considerable amount of money compared with the cost of maintaining a larger IT staff for your cybersecurity requirements. Especially for small to medium enterprises, outsourcing your cybersecurity and networking tasks to a managed security services firm can increase protection while managing costs in an effective way. Rather than adding the cost of salaries and benefits for IT professionals to your company’s overhead, working with the right MSSP can save you money to boost profitability for your Baton Rouge business.
  • Customized services: One-size-fits-all is a poor strategy for managing your company’s security needs. Finding a company that will create a customized managed security services plan for your business operations can help you to manage all aspects of networking, data storage, and transmission of data in the most secure way possible. Your MSSP should offer solutions that are designed specifically for your business and that include your most important priorities for cybersecurity, networking, and data protection in the modern online environment.
  • Compliance experience: Whatever your industry, chances are that you have relatively stringent requirements for protecting customer information and financial data. Working with a managed security services provider that has in-depth experience in compliance with all applicable regulations can allow your business to stay on the right side of the law when storing, accessing, transmitting and using data in the modern online environment.

Finding the right managed security provider can be challenging for Baton Rouge businesses. Meriplex can help with the right array of managed security solutions designed specifically to suit your needs. As a leading managed security services provider in Louisiana, Meriplex can deliver the customized options you need to ensure that your data and systems are secure against unauthorized access and cyberattacks now and in the future.

Why Choose Meriplex as Your Baton Rouge Managed Security Provider?

At Meriplex, we offer comprehensive managed services that are tailored to the needs of our clients. Our experienced and knowledgeable cybersecurity experts can provide you with their expertise in the following areas:

  • Intelligent software-defined wide-area-network solutions that include secure SD-WAN and managed SD-WAN implementations
  • Help desk support and server support available 24 hours a day to keep your systems running properly
  • Cloud services that include infrastructure design, backup and disaster recovery options, cloud storage, and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) implementations
  • Managed detection for cyber threats and rapid response times for developing situations
  • Consulting and assessment services for your current cybersecurity posture
  • Physical security to complement your current online security measures
  • Security information and event management (SIEM) paired with an in-house Security Operations Center (SOC) to provide faster response times for your company
  • In-depth knowledge of developing threats in the online environment and proactive measures to keep your systems and your operations on track

At Meriplex, we are an established and trusted managed security provider serving Baton Rouge and all of the state of Louisiana. If you are looking for managed security services for your business, our team has the knowledge and experience you need to safeguard your data in the most practical and cost-effective way possible. To learn more about our services and how they can be tailored to suit your needs, contact Meriplex online today. We look forward to the chance to work with you.