What to Look for in a San Diego Managed Services Provider

This article will detail what you should look for in a San Diego managed services provider if you are ready to move beyond the struggles of maintaining an in-house IT team.

Times are Changing

Constant change and growing demands require that you become more strategic in aligning company initiatives with your technology infrastructure. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by partnering with a reliable managed services provider.

Embracing the New Normal

The reasons some companies choose to partner with a provider to maintain technology systems may vary. However, most look at a hybrid work landscape and realize uninterrupted operations need a precise technology roadmap.

While some companies have an in-house IT team, not all can retain skilled IT professionals to match economic uncertainties. Furthermore, maintaining both virtual and in-office work environments requires strong innovation and technical support.

Comprehensive IT support from a services provider offers enhanced reliability, security and productivity. As a result, your company and stakeholders are better positioned to achieve long-term and short-term objectives.

Access Your Business Needs

Before you can partner with an MSP, assess what your company needs. Do you have an efficient network? A healthy infrastructure is the only way servers bring value to your business operations. A provider helps to ensure servers function at optimal levels.

Are employees constantly using workarounds to get work done despite constant IT issues? By hiring a service provider, you have consistent help to fix problems as they arise. Also, managed services can prevent issues from occurring and disrupting productivity.

With more employees working from remote locations, are you at greater risk for security vulnerabilities? Managed security services focus on preventing unwanted breaches, viruses and other cyber threats from attacking your company’s network.

Once you decide that managed IT services are an efficient, cost-effective investment for your company, create a shortlist of providers in the San Diego, California, area that match your needs.

For each provider, research service offerings, past performance and level of expertise. Meet with representatives to understand their approach to maintaining and managing the services. In addition, you want to ensure the providers fit your budget without compromising service.

Benefits of Using Managed Services

Having a managed IT partner looking after technology infrastructure and applications is crucial to the overall functions of your company. The executive team can focus on driving growth while the provider ensures processes run smoothly.

A managed services provider brings significant value with benefits that include the ability to:

  • Avoid the labor costs of hiring in-house IT professionals
  • Get access to advanced industry applications and technologies
  • Scale IT strategies to fit changing business needs without interruption
  • Access proven experts for a one-time project and ongoing IT needs
  • Predict how much you spend each month with a subscription fee

6 Qualities to Look for in a San Diego Provider

Top managed services providers have certain qualities that make them the right fit for your company. The partner you select will relieve the pressures of assisting employees with performing daily tasks.

1. Cloud Infrastructure Expertise

To some degree, most companies across different industries use the cloud. However, whether they rely on public, private or multi-cloud technology, the need remains to have tools that monitor and manage this complex environment.

Furthermore, that environment should operate with consistent policies that support multiple cloud platforms. Therefore, you want a managed provider with the tools and expertise required to move workloads while maintaining user productivity.

2. Customizable IT Solutions

Since a one-size-fits-all solution exists for managed IT services, you need a partner that tailors their solutions to your company’s specific needs. Also, the provider should adapt their services as necessary.

It should never be the other way around where your operation changes to fit the provider’s proposed solutions.

3. Reliable Customer Support

Typically, not all managed services define reliable customer support in the same way. Make sure you have a clear definition of what is expected when you contact their help desk support. Become familiar with their support processes.

For example, find out if they are only available when you call or if they perform regular system checks. You want to know whether the provider understands that minimizing business interruption is important.

4. Compliance Documentation 

As an IT executive, you understand the importance of meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Make sure you partner with a provider that shares this responsibility. By doing so, you connect with an IT firm that treats audits and compliance as a daily responsibility.

Expect the managed provider to demonstrate how they will monitor your company’s IT environment. Not only should they proactively keep track of your technology from a compliance perspective, but their internal business practices should also be compliant.

5. Good Reputation

Generally, you want a services provider with enough years in the industry to have a good reputation. Check references from existing clients to learn how well the provider delivers contracted services and responds to issues.

6. Committed Partnership

 When looking for a San Diego services provider, you want to know they have a genuine interest in the success of your company. Managing technology systems involves understanding your company’s challenges and goals.

Additionally, their commitment to your success means they will be accessible to address those challenges and goals. This requires viewing your company as more than a customer. You are also a strategic partner.

Price tags that fit your budget and marketing claims that sound good are not enough to entrust your technology infrastructure to a random vendor. The wrong provider can create chaos for your company; the right one can deliver competitive advantages.

Although a provider will produce a service level agreement, the level of commitment you need is not necessarily written down. You need a managed provider that invests time into gaining a deep understanding of your industry, your company and how day-to-day operations require a highly functional IT infrastructure.

Let Your IT Infrastructure Work Smarter, Not Harder

More than ever, your company faces challenges with having an agile IT infrastructure that supports growing business demands. Add business asset safety and customer security, and it can seem like never-ending demands. Meriplex is the MSP solution.

We offer comprehensive, strategic and streamlined IT infrastructure services for San Diego, California companies. With over 70 years of combined industry experience, we lead the way in supporting information technology needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our managed services.