Top 5 Cyber Threats Businesses are Facing in 2021

2021 has been all over the place for many businesses, but being aware of the different cyber threats that could put your business at risk is crucial. Fortunately, our team of professional IT security experts can help you find out more about the vulnerabilities that you could be facing and how your business can overcome them.

#1 SMS-Based Phishing

One of the most notable forms of cyber security threat for 2021 is SMS-based phishing. This form of cyber security attack occurs when hackers send fraudulent text messages with the intention of uncovering your personal data. Often, these are disguised as being from a legitimate company, such as a delivery firm that has been unable to deliver a product.

These types of cyber security threats are arguably among the most common for 2021. And, with more customers choosing to order online, it’s become more crucial and influential in the work of cyber security than ever.

#2 Standard Phishing

We’ve already mentioned SMS-based phishing attacks, which have inevitably become far more common after the pandemic. However, standard phishing attacks are still equally as important to be aware of. With phishing, hackers send fraudulent communications – often by email – to your business. The intention behind these fraudulent emails is to get you (as the company or its representatives) to provide information that the hacker then can use for malicious purposes.

#3 Accidental Sharing

Unfortunately, things can go wrong, and none of us are perfect. As such, it’s not all that uncommon for businesses to suffer a breach simply because their staff has accidentally given out business information or used a “reply all” function for a private email. Luckily, this can be easily avoided with on-going cybersecurity training for employees.

#4 Infected PDF Files

A fourth example of common cyber security challenges that can face your business for 2021 are infected PDF files. These PDF files are often sent to businesses and individuals as a vector for malware and viruses. In turn, these malware and viruses can collect information from your computer systems, transferring this gathered data back to the hacker.

If you don’t open these PDF files, your device should remain safe; however, if you make the mistake of opening them, you could find your account is compromised. As such, it’s crucial to be aware of whether a file is safe or potentially infected with malware or viruses before you open anything!

#5 Database Breaches

The final type of cyber security breach that we should mention is a complete database breach. This form of IT security breach is incredibly serious, and can expose the data of your customers and workers alike to hackers. As such, avoiding this at all costs is necessary. There are numerous systems you can implement to protect your database from breaches.

Final Thoughts on 2021 Cyber Threats

If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your business’s own cyber security, then our team is on hand to help. With cybercrime expected to cost over $10 trillion by 2025 for the global economy, it’s fair to say that this is something every business needs to invest in and focus on because no company is safe from these attacks.

Avoiding the risks of cyber-attacks is very important and getting professional IT security support from the best local teams is a good way to start with this. To find out more about protecting your business against data breaches, get in touch with our IT security team in Houston, Dallas, Anaheim, and Sacramento today!