Meriplex Managed SD-WAN Solution, powered by VeloCloud now by VMware technology, provides customers with all the benefits and competitive advantages that Software-Defined WAN affords, while ending the IT demands of day-to-day management.


Co-Managed Branch Networking
Meriplex provides a fully managed or co-managed SD-WAN solution that enables our staff to monitor & manage the WAN on all circuits
Cloud Connectivity
Our solution enables customers to leverage Public & Private Cloud environments, like AWS & Microsoft Azure, by providing control & visibility to the cloud
Zero Touch Provisioning
With a design & implementation plan for each location, our experts configure the SD-WAN solution to allow simple plug & play zero touch deployment
Enhanced WAN Visibility
Customers benefit from complete visibility of their WAN traffic in the Meriplex SD-WAN solution to help manage & troubleshoot WAN issues.
Use Existing Connectivity
Use any transport with an Ethernet hand-off whether its Dedicated Internet, MPLS, Broadband, LTE, or Satellite.
Performance Optimization
Our solution delivers intelligent application-based routing decisions to give end users the best experience while leveraging multi-path circuits at each site



SD-WAN Features 

Supports Cloud Migration

Companies are shifting to cloud-based applications and legacy network architecture is hindering the migration. Our SD-WAN solution provides a cloud-based dynamic architecture that delivers flexibility and performance to support AWS and Microsoft Azure. 

Provides High Availability & Performance    Self-Healing Capabilities        Maximizes Bandwidth Utilization



Our solution provides different architectures to support even the most sensitive information by providing a secure overlay that is independent of the underlying transport components. VPN tunnels are built in the infrastructure to secure any-location-to-cloud traffic patterns. 

Secure, Encrypted Network Traffic              Visibility into your WAN          Scalable Infrastructure 


Monitoring Bandwidth Usage & Performance 

Our solution provides visibility into your bandwidth use across the range of physical transports, service providers, and remote sites. We work with you to write business policies to help route application traffic across different paths to ensure core business applications are boosting bandwidth speeds.  

Monitor Network Resource Utilization      Manage Application Usage      Optimize Core Application Performance


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The Future is Here with SD-WAN.
Network architecture is evolving and businesses & IT teams are now facing three major challenges:

1) Major costs associated with MPLS-based bandwidth to support high application performance
2) High complexity in branch deployments delay business growth
3) Legacy architecture inhibits transition to cloud environments.

In SD-WAN for Dummies, you will learn an overview of SD-WAN, understand the details and layers of its architecture.

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