Pros and Cons of SD-WAN in San Diego

There is a lot to think about when considering whether a software defined wide area network is right for your business. This article will detail the pros and cons of SD-WAN in San Diego.

SD-WAN Could Be Your Solution

The popularization of SaaS and cloud solutions requires intelligent connectivity of business networks. As such, IT executives can have significant concerns about managing a wide area network, or WAN. Unfortunately, this antiquated process is no match for an advancing digital landscape.

Therefore, overcoming issues such as the expense of an MPLS or knowing what is happening within the network requires a more intelligent performing solution. For most businesses, that solution is a software-defined wide area network, commonly referred to as SD-WAN.

The key is carefully weighing some pros and cons of switching to this modern cloud-based network solution.

Advantages of Using SD-WAN

Making a substantial technology change is not something you take lightly. Therefore, the importance of ensuring your selection can function alongside your business’s network and deliver real value cannot be underestimated.

Knowing how a solution eases the pain points allows you to narrow your choices.

Save Money Lost to MPLS

Generally, you can find vendors throughout San Diego to include cost savings in their marketing pitch. However, make sure they present the total ROI for your business needs.

For instance, some vendors may suggest removing MPLS from branch locations. Instead, consider how your business saves time with a software-based service. Also, consolidating security and features in one device versus legacy routers should prove beneficial.

Additionally, your cost savings become evident with peak performance, reliability and security. When it is time for your business to grow, a software-defined wide area network saves time and money. Deployment and configuration require minimal IT involvement.

Maintain Control After a Complete Outage

Experiencing an outage or disaster calls for a predetermined plan to meet the moment. With the dynamic nature of this intelligent connectivity option, you have procedures in place to ensure software control to prioritize applications for continued usage.

Maintaining continuity and recovery after a natural disaster remains a top concern for business operations. As a result, software services should include granular policy configuration to overcome problems with staying connected.

Security for All Business Devices

Despite technological advances, traditional routers not receiving necessary updates remains another challenge. If this occurs, it can expose your business to security vulnerabilities for extended periods.

However, a software-defined wide area network offers visibility, so the IT team knows when updates are necessary. Complete management of this solution ensures all applications run seamlessly and safely.

With more locations and employees accessing data from remote offices, maintaining granular security on all business devices is of the utmost importance. That way, even if there is a security breach, your IT team can respond quickly before the damage gets out of control.

Some Drawbacks to Consider

The above advantages sound like answers to your current challenges. However, it is still a good idea to consider some potential challenges associated with moving your entire business network.

Limitations of a Basic Solution

Keep in mind as you search for a solution, not all SD-WAN services are created equal. Some vendors only offer basic solutions that lack the performance, reliability, scale, and intelligence your business needs.

An example of this is a solution that only works for cloud-based applications. This will not benefit your business if you need the same level of performance for remote and onsite users.

Instead, you want a superior network user experience, which requires a secure and fast network that continuously performs at optimal levels. Otherwise, processes and initiatives will stall while waiting on an unreliable network.

Lack of In-House Expertise

Some businesses opt for a DIY operation. However, managing a software-defined wide area network requires staffing an IT department responsible for every aspect, from planning to implementation and daily maintenance.

If you are not starting from this level of expertise, you could pay a hefty price to get outside support. A functioning solution requires experienced staff to not only maintain the network but also to prepare for unexpected issues.

Slow Performance Issues

It is important to note that although connecting to the cloud is more accessible, this solution is not immune from slow performance issues. In addition, the possibility of latency and packet loss remains a concern, especially if you primarily operate as a digital business.

Without in-depth monitoring, it becomes difficult to see how well or poorly the network performs.

Thinking of Making the Switch?

Meriplex specializes in innovative IT solutions that help San Diego, California, businesses improve network performance and user experiences. You can keep all users and devices securely connected through our managed SD WAN solution. Contact us today to learn more.