Pros and Cons of SD-WAN in Irvine

There is a lot to think about when considering a software defined wide area network for your business. This article will detail the pros and cons of SD-WAN in Irvine.

A Proven Solution That Needs Consideration

Not long ago, technology ushered in SD-WAN as the newest innovative approach to support complex, mission-critical and interdependent business systems. This gave IT executives hope for a simplistic way to transform their multi-layered operations.

This new solution promised a frictionless way to manage network architecture and policies. As a result, companies could expect business applications to run better while investing minimal costs. Some even partnered with managed services to maintain a seamless, efficient network.

However, the reality for every company was not the same. As with most technological advantages, the software-defined wide area network has advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Otherwise, instead of a simple outcome, your company could face unforeseen complex issues after implementation and integration.

Making the Business Case for a Technology Upgrade

There might be compelling reasons for you to consider switching from WAN to a software-defined wide-area network. However, the business case should show significant value for making a substantial change to existing technology.

Senior executives need confidence that a technology upgrade is the right business strategy. First, recognize that WAN is an expensive way to add mobile-based and cloud services. This traditional technology does not offer flexibility or scalability to meet your company’s needs or user demands.

Second, you must research potential vendors from a broad pool of providers in the market. Each offers varying degrees of experience, solutions, deployment and outcome successes. Do not skip the due diligence to ensure the vendor has a track record of addressing your needs.

Understanding the Benefits to Your Company

A significant advantage to your company is the reduced costs versus an MPLS, which proved to be a dependable and expensive way to have a connected network. Instead, a software defined wide area network is a less expensive way to keep good performance without the higher price tag.

Your company does not need expensive lines to leverage available network connections. Indeed, applications that are critical to your company’s success can perform at optimal levels. With this advantage, you also avoid inevitable lost productivity from an unstable network.

Seamlessly opening new branch office networks is not without challenges. As a result, finding a less expensive way to accomplish this task is essential. With this in mind, another benefit of this intelligent connectivity solution is gaining improvements to provisioning times.

The rapid, orchestrated and simplified offerings of this network connectivity cut costs and ensure employees can access business systems from anywhere in the world.

Equally important is network connectivity with solid security from cyber attacks. Companies will spend billions of dollars on information security, which should be spent wisely. Starting with an IT solution with security protocols is an excellent place to start.

Built-in encryption capabilities help to ensure that only authorized personnel and users access your company’s confidential assets.

Additional Advantages to Your Company

Other standout advantages for your company include the following:

  • Impacts networking ecosystem by erasing geographic boundaries
  • Cost-effective ways to mix network links based on priority and content type
  • Enhancements to control, performance, visibility and scalability
  • No bandwidth penalties
  • End-to-end encryption for the entire network
  • Complete authentication of all endpoints and devices on the network

Disadvantages to Your Company

As great as improving functionality may sound, a software-defined wide-area network may present some disadvantages. For starters, most only give companies that have cloud-based applications an advantage. As a result, this could mean no onsite security functionality.

Another potential disadvantage is for companies that decide to run their own IT operation. This requires the cost of having a full-time IT staff planning, designing, implementing and maintaining the solution.

Otherwise, you might pay more for outside support if there is a breakdown in the software defined wide area network.

Intelligent connectivity offers users a secure and reliable way to access business systems. However, connecting via a software-defined wide-network does not mean your system is automatically immune to performing slowly.

Connecting to the cloud is one thing. Traffic in the cloud determining load onto SD-WAN is another. The fact that you may operate as a digital business only adds to carefully weighing the drawbacks.

Engage Industry Expertise for Your Next Technology Upgrade

Every business in Irvine, California, has its brand of uniqueness, even those within the same industry. Likewise, technology needs differ based on your company’s goals and needs. Meriplex has a team of technology experts in Irvine to help you weigh the pros and cons of switching.

Contact us to discuss whether an SD-WAN upgrade is suitable for your company’s growth.