Securing Businesses with Enterprise-Grade Solutions

You’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is today. Keeping it protected from criminal activities requires advanced security solutions that deter and prevent crime. As a critical part of your strategy, our video surveillance and access control systems are custom and designed to fit your business needs. Meriplex physical security solutions allow you to have live viewing capabilities, enhanced video security, audio systems, analytics, facial and license plate recognition to help you keep your business secure.

Physical Security Features

Video Surveillance

Access Control

Facial Recognition

Operational Intelligence

Video Content Analysis

Audio Systems

Custom-Built Security Solutions For You

Our physical security solutions give you greater agility and flexibility to protect your assets and business. With our user-friendly software, and real-time management, Meriplex can help you detect suspicious activity and identify immediate threats at any of your locations.  Contact Meriplex to learn more! 

The Meriplex Physical Security Difference

With Meriplex physical security, your business just gained a powerful fighting force:

Licensed To Sell

Why choose Meriplex? We are licensed by the State of Texas to sell and install physical security and surveillance. Our license number is B15675.

Industry Experience

With over 25+ years experience, our experts custom-build solutions that meet your business expectations while providing high quality installation, service, and maintenance for all of your physical security needs.

Peace Of Mind

Stop consistently worrying about security risks. Meriplex is here to provide you with the best physical security solutions in the market and deliver you the technical support you need for your business to feel safe.

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