Managed Security Services for the Healthcare Industry

This article will detail the value of managed security services for the healthcare industry in protecting patient data.

Data Protection is the Law

If your organization handles patient data in the healthcare field, maintaining the security of this information is not only vital to your operations but is required by law. Finding the best solutions for protecting patient data and maintaining the best cybersecurity posture is essential for medical facilities, hospitals, clinics and private practices as well as any businesses that access any of this data as part of their support activities. Healthcare providers, health insurance plans and clearinghouses that transmit electronic patient records for any reason are considered covered entities and are subject to these federal requirements for data protection.

The Importance of Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, more commonly referred to as HIPAA, establishes the security requirements for companies in managing patient data. This federal regulation applies to information created by, transmitted by or stored by healthcare providers and health insurance plans and offers a framework for protecting patient data from unauthorized disclosure or disclosures that are contrary to the wishes of patients.

Staying on the right side of HIPAA regulations and protecting patient data effectively can be challenging. In many cases, working with a company that offers healthcare-focused managed security services can be a practical option for maintaining security for patient data while sticking to the letter of the law where HIPAA is concerned.

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What Are Managed Security Services?

Managed security is a method for outsourcing your cybersecurity activities to a company that specializes in these types of services. Some of the most commonly available managed security services are listed here:

  • Managed detection of cyberthreats and responses to those threats
  • Security information and event management (SIEM)
  • Cloud storage and management services to protect patient data stored in these servers
  • Networking options that allow access only to those authorized to view or manage patient data for your organization
  • Secure transmission options that will protect data on its way to other destinations, including insurance companies, healthcare providers and patients themselves
  • Managed SD-WAN services to assist your company in managing data across several facilities or locations
  • Training and consulting for staff members and assessments of current measures in place to protect patient data
  • Constant monitoring of your systems and transmissions to detect any unauthorized access or other cyber threats
  • Proactive protection for patient data to comply with HIPAA provisions

Working with a qualified healthcare managed security services provider (MSSP) is a proven method for managing HIPAA requirements and remaining in compliance with all requirements outlined by government agencies. This can allow you to manage access to patient data and to provide the best possible protection for this information in the modern online world.

Why Use a Managed Security Services Provider?

For many companies that handle patient data, working with an MSSP can provide added support for all elements of data protection throughout your organization. Choosing the right MSSP can provide real benefits for your organization, including the following:

  • Always-on protection: Your managed security services provider is on the job 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This always-on protection for patient data ensures that you and those you serve always have the most advanced and practical protection against cyber threats and unauthorized access to this information.
  • Expert help in managing cyber threats: Cybercriminals are targeting healthcare organizations much more frequently to access information that they can use profitably. Working with established experts in this field is a winning strategy that can prevent most attacks from getting past your network perimeter.
  • Reduced costs for IT staffing: Companies that offer managed security for patient data typically charge for their services on a monthly or annual basis. This can eliminate the need for added personnel on your IT team and the salaries and benefits necessary to attract and retain these staff members. By outsourcing your data security activities to your managed security provider, you can save money while staying in full compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Added time for your IT team: Working with an MSSP can also reduce the workload of your IT staff to allow them to focus more fully on your core activities. This can add up to improved performance by these information specialists and can provide you with greater flexibility in deploying your IT team.
  • Faster response times for incidents: Your managed security provider will also provide you with immediate responses for threats that could result in unauthorized access to or theft of patient data, even if these threats occur at night or during weekends. Because your MSSP is always monitoring access to your networks and patient data, you can enjoy greater confidence in the protection afforded for your patients and your organization.
  • Proactive protection for patient data: Along with reacting to threats as they occur, your healthcare managed security services team will also take steps to secure patient data on a proactive basis to protect this information and your company’s reputation.
  • Increased expertise in managing emerging threats: For most healthcare organizations, managing the security requirements of HIPAA can be challenging. Keeping current on the emerging threats in the cybersecurity sector can add to these burdens. By contrast, your managed security services provider focuses specifically on cybersecurity to help you predict and prevent threats to your data security.

At Meriplex, we offer the right managed security services for compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements in the medical industry. We work with you and your staff members to create a secure environment and secure transmission methods for electronic health records and other patient data points. Our team of cybersecurity experts can deliver the best and most affordable options for your current and future needs.

To learn more about the benefits of managed security for healthcare organizations or to assess any weaknesses in your current cybersecurity strategy, contact Meriplex today to schedule a consultation with our team. We offer the best options for protecting patient data and staying in compliance with all applicable regulations pertaining to this information. The security experts at Meriplex will tailor a solution that is precisely right for you and your organization.