How to Find the Right Managed Security Services Provider in Indianapolis

No business is safe from cyber attacks. If you need a cost-effective solution to network security operations, consider outsourcing to a managed security services provider. Doing so allows you to focus on other aspects of core functions with the assurance that business data remains safe. This article will review how to find the right managed security services provider in Indianapolis.

Why Consider Outsourcing Security Operations?

If your core business is not IT and security, your company should focus on what it does best while the experts deal with security issues. Additionally, considering whether a managed security services provider adds value is not dependent on the size of your company.

Rather, it makes good business sense to invest in outsourcing your security operations. That way, you can devote more resources, time and effort into growing your business. Plus, having experts monitor cybersecurity threats gives a proactive approach to stopping bad actors in their tracks.

Factors to Consider in Finding the Right Managed Security Provider in Indianapolis

Most likely, you have already decided that your company needs improvement in the security of its IT infrastructure. Now, you are tasked with finding a managed provider that can deliver the level of service you need.

With managed services increasing in popularity, there is no shortage of providers. However, more options are not necessarily better when selecting which MSSP is right for your business. Working with a list of selection criteria can help to narrow your choices.

Knowing what your company needs improves your chances of finding a security services provider that will effectively protect your company’s digital assets.

Features and Security Processes

Ideally, you want a provider that offers robust and comprehensive managed security. Features and processes should be well-defined along with a detailed risk assessment of your company’s current status.

Evaluate features based on key categories:

  • Adaptability
  • Compliance
  • Management
  • Technology

Be familiar with each feature offering and its importance to your company’s security concerns. This helps to ensure the MSSP is capable of fulfilling your priority list. Furthermore, the provider should have the technical expertise that is unique to your industry and company.

Doing so will shorten the vendor list and save valuable time and money.

Security Services Make Your Life Easier

The right managed service provider should keep your company running smoothly. The last thing you want is to enter a service level agreement with a provider that makes your life harder. Any managed security services you receive should be what your company needs.

You do not want to pay for technology that offers no solution. Contracted services should be a mutually beneficial relationship with measurable deliverables and mechanisms to resolve disputes. Be non-negotiable on your expectations of service.

Handles Sensitive Data with Care

A growing number of bad actors seek to permeate modern business practices. Therefore, complete transparency in how sensitive data is handled and stored is a must when considering a managed security provider.

Though the answer is in the name, you need to have full confidence in the steps a provider takes with your company’s digital assets. In particular, you need assurance that the MSSP has secure cloud environments.

Cost savings, connectivity and mobility are lost if a breach happens during the provider’s watch. Make sure managed security offerings include detailed information on how data movement occurs.

Presents a 360-Degree Security Plan

Another point to consider is whether the managed security services provider brings more than IT tools to the table. A broad strategic security plan is also necessary to address specific pain points and wider factors surrounding cybersecurity issues that can create problems for your company.

For instance, a good provider understands the importance of security awareness training for employees. Including such courses in managed security service offerings can reduce network vulnerabilities for cybercriminals.

Additionally, a comprehensive backup plan can strengthen your company’s position in continuing business and staying productive after an unexpected problem.

Has a Proven Managed Security Track Record

While cost is part of the criteria, it should not be the primary factor in deciding which managed security provider is right for your company. Any managed security services provider worth considering has a successful history of protecting businesses from cyber threats.

Checking out reviews about a managed services provider’s reputation is an essential factor. Furthermore, a good reputation is also minted with certifications and peer recognition. This is information that you can find on your own or receive from the list of MSSPs on your shortlist.

Managed providers with lengthy industry experience have shown that they can work as promised in the SLA. They know how to execute processes that work for your company. Their experience has also come with valuable lessons.

In practice, this means that a proven MSSP understands the importance of keeping a watchful eye on your network infrastructure. Updates, optimization and incident response plans are all part of delivering managed security services you can trust.

Works Well with In-House IT Team

Since information technology is always evolving, your company needs a variety of skills to maintain the network infrastructure. However, it can be difficult and expensive to hire employees that have all of the skills and knowledge required to support your company’s network.

You may have an in-house IT team that possesses some expertise. Adding managed IT services can support internal teams with functions such as increasing productivity and expanding the business.

Nevertheless, bringing in a managed security provider requires including your in-house IT team in the decision. Make sure IT is on board with having managed security services. They need to know their role within the new system.

Make the Choice Today to Maximize Your Company’s Network Security

Finding a managed IT services provider in Indiana is one of the most crucial steps in keeping your company’s network secure. Meriplex wants to be the right partner in combating never-ending cybersecurity threats whether you have offices in Indianapolis, Indiana, or other locations.

Protecting your network and data is a round-the-clock duty. Meriplex offers comprehensive managed IT security services with advanced expertise. Contact us today to learn more about how we can quickly and efficiently secure your business technology.