How to Find the Right Managed IT Services Provider in Baton Rouge

If you are the technology decision-maker of an established Baton Rouge, Louisiana business or a newly minted CEO of your own company, you will be making choices about the best ways to manage networks, data, computers and other technology. Since your decisions will contribute to the success of your company, consider using managed IT services. By partnering with a managed service provider, you have the freedom to shift your primary focus from keeping a functional IT infrastructure to other aspects of the business. This article will focus on how to find the right managed IT services provider in Baton Rouge.

Changes to Business Demands Changing Technology Practices

The recent pandemic caused companies across the globe to consider new workplace paradigms. With employee, customer and community safety top of mind, many companies had to implement remote work environments. Doing so effectively meant having secure systems outside the office.

Additionally, this new workspace required maintaining the ability to collaborate and preserve productivity. Added to these concerns was guarding against hackers in search of vulnerable systems. The result was complex decisions for managing business technology and operations.

These changes, along with advances in connectivity, hardware and software, present real challenges for IT directors and business owners.

Managed IT Services Expand Your Technology Department

Even if you have a full-time information technology department, that does not guarantee they will have the expertise you need. Certain aspects of your business, such as cybersecurity risks, may require special knowledge to implement the right IT solutions.

Knowing how to mitigate cyber threats and keep network systems running smoothly is a full-time job. This is where managed IT delivers business-driven solutions that support your company’s needs.

Finding the Right Managed Services Provider

As you consider partnering with a managed services provider, remember that not all are created equal. Some MSPs offer an array of services. Others may specialize in one or two technical support functions.

Either one you choose should be a managed IT provider you can trust with the full scope of your IT infrastructure. Weigh the following key considerations before hiring a managed IT provider.

Understands Your Business

IT solutions do not come in a one-size-fits-all package. Even companies in the same industry and similar in size have qualities that differentiate one from the other. Therefore, you want an MSP that understands the specifics of your company and your industry.

Otherwise, the provider cannot develop strategies that are unique to what helps your business grow and thrive. Preferably, the right managed IT services provider knows which specialized software systems and regulatory compliance measures apply to your company.

Asks the Right Questions

Understanding your business requires asking the right questions. Proceed with caution if you are the only one asking questions during a consultation. A quality managed services provider should know that a good working relationship starts by probing for more details about the needs, challenges and goals of your company.

Successful oversight of your technology infrastructure requires knowing your current status and where you want your company to go in the future. Without information beyond the basics, the provider cannot formulate an effective IT strategy.

Presents Proactive Plans

With increased cyber threats and attacks, the days of break-fix services are over. Look for a managed IT partner that offers a proactive approach to providing customer support and real-time cybersecurity solutions.

The right MSP diligently monitors network systems to spot and prevent problems before they turn into a crisis. In practice, this means having an intrusion protection system and disaster recovery plan for onsite and offsite operations.

Manages Different Work Environments

Look for a managed IT services provider that has experience with more than one type of work environment. They should know how to manage traditional office workplaces, remote offices or hybrid environments based on how your business operates.

More is involved with ensuring an employee can work outside of the office which goes beyond having a functioning laptop or desktop. Your managed services provider partner should present solutions that meet the challenges of these different environments.

Offers Round-the-Clock Support

Now more than ever, technology is necessary to keep a business running efficiently. This requires having customer support and monitoring services 24/7/365. Offering uninterrupted technical support should be a priority selling point from every MSP you are considering.

You want your network to run smoothly at all times. Therefore, you need managed IT support around the clock. This ensures the MSP can quickly address any issues that may arise onsite or remotely.

Outlines Expectations in SLA

There should be no difference between a contract of expectations and the services delivered. As you begin narrowing your provider choices for managed IT services, make sure accountability is defined in the service level agreement.

You have a right to know that the MSP will keep its end of the agreement. If for some reason expectations are not met, the service provider should willingly explain how they plan to rectify any failures.

Discloses Outsourcing Practices

Some providers may outsource certain aspects of their services. Ask the managed IT services provider if parts of their support are outsourced to other vendors. For instance, the provider may offer a majority of the services you need but uses a separate vendor for specific tasks.

You need to know who will have access to your company’s trade secrets, customer information and other business data. This level of transparency is crucial to the partnership. If you are uncomfortable with third-party involvement, find a provider with the capacity to handle all your company needs.

The Right Managed Services Provider is One You Can Trust

With a trusted managed IT services partner like Meriplex, you can have full confidence in a transparent technology strategy for your Baton Rouge business. While you focus on building resilience, productivity and a positive bottom line, we keep a watchful eye behind the scenes.

Contact us today to learn more about how Merplex’s managed IT solutions position your company for operational excellence.