Last month, Meriplex Communications employees competed against one another in support of the Houston Food Bank “Hunger Game,” a three-week long competition dedicated to feeding as many people possible, where participants earn points by donating food, funds and volunteer time to benefit the Houston Food Bank. Tapping into our natural competitive spirit, Meriplex created three internal teams to motivate employee participation via donations and community volunteering.

Throughout the Month

The competition grew fierce, primarily between Teams 1 and 2, as they exchanged the lead almost daily. Where one team focused on monetary & food donations, the other rallied their members to volunteering after-hours multiple times at the Houston Food Bank Portwall Warehouse, boxing food for the Greater Houston community. In the final week, competition reached a fevered pitch, with food donations piling up, monetary donations – large and small – pouring in, and team members sneaking off after-work to earn another hour of volunteer work.

Final Day

On the final day, with the internal competition ending at 2 p.m., the leading teams began to strategize how to out-wit or out-donate the other. Food donations increased after the lunch hour and both teams were neck and neck until the final minute, when only monetary donations would make a difference.  Employees gathered, eager to learn the results, while the Marketing team tallied up the points and returned the results. Always prepared, the winning Team sang “We are the Champions” while the losing Team Captains graciously conceded.

With our amazing employees, who served our community in a fun and competitive way, Meriplex provided 12,938 meals through food donations and volunteer hours and raised $3,532.54 for the Houston Food Bank.

While Meriplex employees exemplify our core values of being willing, humble, achievers through teamwork, giving 100% for results in both their daily work and for others, the real winners last month are the community of people served by the Houston Food Bank.