Leading the Way into the Cloud Computing Frontier

Cloud computing can be complex and daunting, especially if you’re just beginning a transition from on-prem. Unless guided by experienced hands, operating in the cloud may open your business to cybersecurity risk, generate an overly high implementation price tag and drain your in-house team and resources. With trusted Meriplex cloud support, feel confident knowing that your systems are running safely and efficiently, backed by cloud specialists who will work with your IT team and keep a watchful eye on maintenance and management.

Cloud Support Benefits

Disaster Recovery Support

Failovers, testing and data backups to Meriplex cloud datacenters

Microsoft Product Suite Support

Microsoft email and other cloud-related products

Infrastructure Support

Private or hybrid cloud infrastructure maintenance and upgrades

Backup as a Service Support

Backups done efficiently via cloud connections

On-Prem Data Replication Support

On-prem data replication into the cloud

Data Center Hosting Support

Physical equipment hosting with connections into our private or hybrid cloud

Expert Cloud Support

Let skilled Meriplex cloud support technicians lead you and your IT team safely into the cloud computing frontier! Talk with us to learn how we can help you leverage the cloud safely, effectively and without breaking your IT budget.

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The Meriplex Cloud Support Difference

When it comes to cloud computing, don’t do it alone! With Meriplex cloud support, expect:

A True Business Partner

As an extension of your IT team, we are with you every step of the way. From providing technical support to sharing ideas, we’ll do all we can to empower your in-house staff.

Cloud Expertise

Cloud computing can trip up even seasoned in-house IT pros. No matter what cloud support you need, we have the experts specifically trained to provide it.

Clear Visibility

With datacenters across the United States, we guarantee your cloud-based applications have a 99.999% uptime.

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