Cloud Enablement Services That Cut Through Cloud Communications Complexity


Enjoy pay-as-you-grow convenience, scalability and anywhere/anytime mobility along with dozens of innovative features that drive productivity

Enterprise Voice

Simplify, centralize and scale with this cost-effective IP alternative that lets you port existing phone numbers and maintain 911 access

Managed Collaboration

Leverage your Cisco voice platform while leaving day-to-day operations to us with managed Cisco collaboration by Meriplex

Private Cloud

Customize your cloud computing environment and benefit from an extra layer of security that safeguards business-critical operations

Hybrid Cloud

Strike a balance between on-prem and cloud computing with a customizable solution that allows you to have the best of both worlds

Public Cloud

Scale easily, deploy quickly and give your team members anytime/anywhere mobility without sacrificing cybersecurity

Disaster Recovery

Deploy an expertly built disaster recovery plan to ensure 24/7 business continuity, stem revenue loss and set things right quickly

Managed SD-WAN Delivers Game-Changing Year One Results

Reduced network downtime to zero and saved 30% in operating costs…
Insurance services with an international reach

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The Meriplex Managed SD-WAN Difference

Using leading edge VeloCloud by VMware technology, industry-applauded Meriplex Managed SD-WAN solutions include:

A Unique Co-Management Option

In a true partnership of network responsibility, enjoy 24/7 concierge service along with the ability to make your own changes, gain immediate insights and continuously monitor activity. Manage a little or manage a lot, whichever you prefer.

A Ready Team of SD-WAN Pioneers

We’ve been on the SD-WAN forefront from the beginning, as early adopters and determined innovators. Your in-house staff will gain access to Meriplex experts who are always willing to share knowledge, explore possibilities and address challenges.

Exceptional Security Vigilance

Security vigilance infuses everything we do, and we’ve built formidable cloud security muscle around our Managed SD-WAN solution. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data and applications are safeguarded by the industry’s toughest protection.