How to find the right Managed Security Services Provider in San Diego

This article will detail how to find a San Diego managed security services provider if you considering outsourcing your cybersecurity to an MSSP.

Threats Are on the Rise

The past few years left businesses with many challenges, such as cybersecurity incidents. As a result, companies need flexible ways to exist in an environment where data breaches are constant front-page news. A San Diego managed security services provider offers solutions to combat attacks. 

In addition to an evolving threat landscape, your business must make remote access available to employees without compromising company assets. Unauthorized access puts the entire business at risk.

As security requirements grow, it can become unmanageable to split your focus between other daily responsibilities. Therefore, you need a team that is proactively focused on managing cybersecurity risks and company data.

Importance of Cyber Resilience

Cybersecurity is not just something that is nice to have. Instead, a good cyber resilience strategy is vital for increasing your company’s security posture. Moreover, it goes a long way toward reducing the exposure of the company’s infrastructure to risks.

Furthermore, cyber resilience can help to reduce potential financial losses or damages to your company’s reputation after a data breach. Instead of combating a cyber attack after it happens, you proactively create value for your employees and customers.

With so much at stake, reaching out to a third-party vendor that offers managed security services gives you an advantage. You can confidently run an efficient and effective operation by having quick access to expertise and support.

A security services provider can help to mitigate security challenges. By partnering with the right provider, you have an experienced team on constant watch to minimize threats.

Threat Actors Seek to Exploit Business Networks

Typically, threat actors do not discriminate between the types of companies they attack. All companies, no matter the size or scope, are fair game when an opportunity to exploit the network arises.

Some categories of threat actors include:

  • Accidental employees
  • Cybercriminals
  • Hacktivists
  • Insider threats
  • Lone wolf hackers
  • State-sponsored threats

Just like the categories, motives and tactics can vary based on the crime. For example, some threat actors want to extract company data and sell it on the dark web. Others may simply enjoy the thrill of destroying your company brand.

Threat actors may seek to encrypt company data, steal employee login credentials, or even extort your company for a ransom after stealing trade secrets. Not having in-house resources to solve technical problems leaves your company vulnerable to its whims.

On the other hand, an MSSP fills this gap with cost-saving, proactive risk tracking to combat threat actors before they gain access to company data.

Critical Considerations for Finding the Right Security Services Provider

You are presented with hundreds of options when looking for a security provider. Unfortunately, this can make the process of finding a provider with the proper selection of capabilities and services lengthy.

Once you have an idea of what your company needs, you can easily identify the ones that offer the right services. Here are some key considerations for finding the right provider in San Diego.

Cybersecurity Expertise

The ever-changing aspects of attacks on information technology require more than a basic understanding of cybersecurity components. As one of the most challenging things companies have to navigate, cybersecurity demands a high level of competency.

With that said, your managed security provider should demonstrate their advanced knowledge as cybersecurity professionals. In addition, their competency should support your company’s diverse work environments. Also, they should offer security training awareness for employees.

Solid Security Strategy

Setting reasonable expectations is necessary to have a trusting partnership with the right managed services provider. If you expect that a provider can fix existing cybersecurity issues, know how long it will take. Promises are one thing; demonstrated results are another.

The right provider is committed to your company and is honest and upfront about what they can do. They know that cyber threats can change rapidly, leaving you with one threat today and an entirely different one next month.

Your goal is to know that the MSSP will not make assumptions but has a complete picture of what’s at stake and offers a solid security strategy.

Customer-Centered Services

Another important aspect of finding the right provider to manage your IT security is one that has a customer-centric mindset. Of course, security expertise is crucial, but placing a high value on delivering superior customer service increases your confidence in the partnership.

You know that the provider has dedicated time and resources for your company. Their customer service is demonstrated through open lines of communication to not only explain an issue but also to listen to your concerns.

24/7 Availability

If one thing is certain in the cyber world, it is that hackers do not take breaks. Threats do not occur only during business hours, and threat actors do not go on vacation. As a result, you want managed security services available 24/7.

Question whether the provider has staff available around the clock. How they answer gives you a clear understanding of the level of risk management and data systems support they can provide to your company.

Fast Response Time

Too often, a data breach continues to overtake IT systems while you wait for the approval and implementation of a containment plan. However, a managed security service provider with years of expertise knows how to avoid the waiting game.

With cutting-edge technology tools, you should expect the right provider to have an advantage against threats. They know how to respond quickly to a breach. Otherwise, the best of tools become obsolete in keeping your data safe and secure.

Early detection alongside a prompt response helps to contain the breach to only a few or a singular machine before malware spreads throughout the company. Otherwise, the longer a threat goes unmanaged, the more damage it does to your sensitive assets.

Improve the Protection of Your Business Technology Assets

Whether your company needs a managed security services provider due to no in-house resources or to overcome the challenges in an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, the team at Meriplex is here to help.

Our experts are battle-tested to defeat threat actors and protect your company’s assets and reputation. Contact us today to get more information on how our comprehensive managed services in San Diego, California, can work for you.