How to Find the Right Managed Security Services Provider in Sacramento

Cyber attacks are on the rise. Your business needs protection. This article will review how to find the right managed security services provider in Sacramento.

Protect Your Business

Security is a fundamental aspect of your business. What you do to protect customers, employees, processes, data and network infrastructure has a direct impact on the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. This is why finding the right managed security services provider is crucial.

However, knowing that everything depends on cybersecurity measures is just the beginning. You also need to know what to look for in an MSSP. Before entrusting your business’ security presence with a managed security provider, determine how a partnership helps your business.

How a Managed Security Services Provider Helps Your Business

As you consider managed security services, think about how you want the services used in your Sacramento business. Generally, these services are an efficient and cost-effective approach to protecting data and networks.

Malicious actors constantly search out openings to invade systems and networks. You can outsource all or part of your IT infrastructure to keep your business assets safe.

An MSSP can help your business with services such as:

  • Cybersecurity monitoring
  • Intrusion management
  • Threat intelligence
  • Vulnerability risk assessment

How to Find the Right Managed Security Provider

Keeping up with the barrage of cybersecurity threats, along with daily operations, can be difficult. Likewise, turning to a managed security provider in Sacramento is not something to take lightly. After all, you will depend on their managed security practices to keep your network and data secure.

Finding the right managed security provider requires thoughtful research to receive the reliable and cost-effective services your business needs. In addition to a solid reputation and track record, here are five key elements to help ensure that you choose the right one.

Ability to Meet Basic Requirements

Evaluating whether an MSSP is the right one involves determining whether they can meet the basic requirements of your business. During this discovery stage, learn all you can about how the provider operates.

Get a clear picture of their management capabilities and service offerings. These should include services related to cybersecurity such as detection, response and prevention.

While assessing functional requirements, make note of interactions with company representatives. How attentive are they to your concerns? Your investment in managed security should add value to your in-house IT team and the entire organization.

Has Trustworthy Attributes

Once you check the basic requirements box, use other critical operational criteria to screen managed security services providers. Choosing a provider that you can trust to protect and defend your applications, data and client information requires transparency.

Find out how the MSSP plans to communicate operational performance and metrics ratios. You want to gain visibility into how the managed security provider operates. Typically, this involves regular reporting and sharing of information.

Offers Customized Security Solutions

During the vetting process, you may encounter managed security services companies that only offer one-size-fits-all solutions. They may provide a free demo to show how certain features and functions can solve a security problem.

While the solution may seem like the answer to an immediate issue, the same product does nothing long-term. Furthermore, there is no way to modify or customize the product to fit all of your organization’s needs. If you need more than a simple solution, keep looking.

Ideally, you want a managed security partner that uses a different approach. Initial meetings are fruitful sessions where the managed security provider learns more about your business and the unique requirements of keeping the IT infrastructure safe and secure.

Time is spent, not on selling you the latest gimmick, but rather on understanding your needs, requirements and expectations. Your input is valuable because any solution will impact your organization. From this discovery, the MSSP creates a customized cybersecurity solution.

Creates a Service Level Agreement

These meetings with MSSPs also serve as a guide to creating a service-level agreement. An SLA is essential to establishing the relationship between the provider and your business. Defining expectations ensures everyone is on the same page.

Although the managed security provider may use a boilerplate, the SLA should specify how each metric applies to your business needs:

  • Business value
  • Service availability
  • Security monitoring
  • Technical quality

There should be no mystery to how the MSSP handles issues. For instance, the SLA should outline routine services such as monitoring and updates. You need to know how frequently each service occurs.

Equally important to outlining how service levels are met is knowing the consequences when metrics are not met. This section of the SLA details the repercussions of failed performance such as fines or credits. Typically, how your business is impacted by the breach defines the agreed-upon percentage.

Additionally, you need to know the plan for unexpected problems. The provider will include response times, reporting protocol and the responsibilities of everyone on the team.

Communicates Shared Responsibilities of the Partnership

In communicating shared responsibilities of the partnership, you and the managed security services provider must agree on the objectives, deliverables and processes. You may need managed services to fill in the gaps of your in-house team.

Alternatively, you may need the provider to step into a cybersecurity expert role completely. In either case, you need a partner willing to be flexible enough to match your needs. Otherwise, your defense against cyber attacks and ability to stay compliant will suffer.

The right managed security services for your business is the one prepared for a changing threat environment. They must also have a grasp on evolving technology.

Finding the Right Managed Security Services Provider

The best provider for managed security in Sacramento, California does more than suggest a one-dimensional strategy for keeping your business safe. Instead, you receive a multifaceted package to reduce risks and mitigate damages if an attack occurs.

Meriplex focuses on being the provider that suggests solutions based on the time we spend understanding your business. Then, we work with you to build a strategy of tools and services to meet those needs. Contact us today to learn more about our managed security services.