Empower Your IT Team to Move the Growth Needle

In today’s digital marketplace, it can be tough for in-house IT teams to keep up with round-the-clock network activity. When Meriplex steps in to provide a U.S.-based NOC, you can count on vigilant network management and monitoring by seasoned pros who will reinforce staff and minimize customer disruptions. No more dealing with hard-to-reach carriers or troubleshooting downed sites and voice applications. Instead, your team can turn to higher value activities that more directly impact business outcomes and growth.

Network Management Benefits

Ticketing and Reporting

Get ongoing, real-time updates about any current issues and stay in-the-know about work completion plans and time frames

Connectivity Support

Rely on immediate outage notification, back-up plans and assistance dealing with your carrier, whether you have MPLS or broadband circuits

Networking Support

Ensure your LAN/WAN infrastructure protocols are being followed and everything is running optimally

Managed Cybersecurity Support

Take advantage of skilled cybersecurity experts who are on alert for incidents and ready to respond quickly and effectively if an attack happens

SD-WAN Support

Depend on circuit health monitoring and SD-WAN endpoint devices that are optimized for throughput and redundancy

Voice Support

Call on certified voice technicians with concerns about call quality or voice outages, whether you have UCaaS or enterprise voice

A Dedicated Team to Support Your Daily Operations

Meriplex NOC

Our NOC team’s favorite thing? Quickly resolving your challenge or frustration with a service home run! In this short video, learn how Meriplex can help you manage, monitor and protect your vital network and stop bad days in their tracks.

An Extension of Your Team

Your Meriplex NOC can become a valued and reliable extension of your in-house IT department. Contact us today to learn more about giving your team the support it needs to focus on your high-growth goals. 

The Meriplex Network Management Difference

With your network managed and monitored by a Meriplex NOC, you gain:

A True Business Partner

As an extension of your IT team, we are with you every step of the way. From providing technical support to sharing ideas, we’ll do all we can to empower your in-house staff.

Network Expertise

Our team of certified and tenured technicians is ready to suggest improvements, anticipate challenges and handle any complications.

Exceptional Reliability

Through visibility, reporting, redundancy and support no matter the hour, our NOC has you covered. You’ll be able to depend on your network like never before.

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