Skilled Support that Lets You Focus on What Matters Most

With technology evolving at a lightning pace, your in-house IT staff may not have the time or in-depth knowledge to keep your enterprise business well ahead of the curve. Bogged down in the nitty gritty of day-to-day operations, they undoubtedly have to forgo opportunities for advancing vital business growth. By bringing on experienced Meriplex IT support service desk technicians to handle maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting, you’ll be able to turn bad days around faster, avoid disruptions and free your team to create, innovate and work to its full potential.

Service Desk Benefits

Tiered Support

We’ll immediately match your concern with the right service desk technician so that no time is wasted. The toughest problems call for top tier expertise.

Server Support

Meriplex server support includes configuration, remediation, patching, maintenance and monitoring.

Remote Desktop Support

From installation, troubleshooting, upgrading and patching to operating system and application support, we’ll handle everything without the need for on-site visits.

On-Site Support

If you need us on-site, we’ll be there quickly to solve problems and replace or repair equipment as warranted.

Hypervisor/SAN/VMware Support

Available support includes patching, driver updates, configuration management, ensuring high availability, troubleshooting and remediation.

Cloud Server Support

Meriplex service desk technicians can handle maintenance and upgrades in even the most complex cloud server environments.

Our Service Desk is always in your corner

Meriplex Service Desk

Our support team likes nothing more than resolving challenges or frustrations with a service desk home run! In this short video, learn how Meriplex can remove day-to-day burdens, make every day easier and free IT staff to work on building your business.

An Extension of Your Team

The Meriplex service desk can become a valued and reliable extension of your in-house IT department. Contact us today to learn more about giving your team the support it needs to focus on your high-growth goals.

The Meriplex Service Desk Difference

Exceptional customer service is our top priority. The Meriplex service desk will deliver:

As an extension of your IT team, we are with you every step of the way. From providing technical support to sharing ideas, we’ll do all we can to empower your in-house staff.

Wide-Ranging Expertise

Our team of certified and tenured technicians is ready to suggest improvements, anticipate challenges and handle any complications.

Reliable Communication

We’re always just a call away. Talk to someone live and never feel left in the dark about what support to expect when.

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