Time to Hit Refresh on Your Business Connectivity Services?

Competitive edges can’t be gained and kept without secure, fast and reliable connectivity. At Meriplex, we offer today’s premier options for optimizing and diversifying your all-important business connectivity portfolio. Whether you need managed SD-WAN plus circuits, carrier class MPLS, low cost internet, managed DIA, wireless technology or cloud connect, our single source solutions mean you won’t have to waste time and energy managing multiple vendors. Added redundancy keeps your growing enterprise running smoothly, and you’ll never be without 24/7 support from your Meriplex business connectivity team.

Benefits of Business Connectivity Services

Managed SD-WAN

Add circuits and circuit management to our signature managed SD-WAN for an all-in-one solution that delivers the intelligent network of the future

Carrier Class MPLS

Utilize optimized MPLS technology that provides low latency, dedicated bandwidth and secure network traffic flow with reduced congestion and protection against denial of service attacks

Low Cost Internet

Choose from cable, DSL and broadband fiber to enjoy high speed managed internet connectivity at an attractive price point

Managed DIA

Connect enterprise locations reliably with high speed dedicated internet access solutions that provide security, guaranteed bandwidth and SLAs to back up promises

Wireless Technology

Reach remote locations efficiently with fixed wireless, satellite or LTE connectivity options

Cloud Connect

Benefit from secure, low-latency access and better application performance with the high availability of a private network

Modernize Your Connectivity

Ready to modernize your business connectivity portfolio and make managing it a breeze?
Learn more about our business connectivity services today! 

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The Meriplex Business Connectivity Services Difference

Meriplex continues to raise the business connectivity services bar with:

Managed SD-WAN Plus Circuits

Don’t settle for part of a solution! At Meriplex, we offer managed SD-WAN with circuits for gold standard connectivity that will keep your enterprise moving securely forward.

Single Source Solutions

Why juggle multiple vendors when you don’t have to? Everything you need for powerhouse connectivity is conveniently accessible right here at Meriplex.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our connectivity pros are at your service 24/7, with no long wait times or frustrating corporate phone trees. We’ll even handle outages on your behalf.

Featured Content

Case Study, Insurance

With SD-WAN and redundant connectivity from Meriplex, this insurance services company was able to eliminate business-impacting network outages to better serve its customers and end users.

Webcast, Healthcare

Learn how SD-WAN is revolutionizing healthcare by improving connectivity and giving companies the tool they need to provide high QoS for their patients while adhering to even the strictest compliance laws.

Video, Connecting Remotely

With health concerns for COVID-19, it is essential that businesses are prepared for workplace disruptions. Meriplex is offering multiple work at home solutions to ensure high power users can stay connected and productive.