Out with Tired Legacy Architecture, In with Modern Public Cloud

From CRM systems to document storage, many businesses have at least some experience with public cloud computing. For others, security concerns may have kept them away. No matter where you fall, you’ve probably wished that on-prem infrastructure wasn’t so costly and time-consuming to maintain. Meriplex can help you transition to a safe, maintenance-free alternative. Scale easily, deploy quickly and give your team members anytime, anywhere mobility without sacrificing the security you need to move confidently toward your high-growth goals.

Public Cloud Benefits

Quick Adoption

Move quickly and easily into the public cloud, especially important if your remote workforce is expanding


Maintain your security vigilance and put measures in place to make public cloud more secure than on-prem computing

Zero Maintenance Worries

Free your IT team from the day-to-day grind of checking application performance, monitoring for security breaches or installing on-prem upgrades

Cost Savings

Eliminate capital expenditures for new on-prem equipment and upgrades


Enjoy anytime, anywhere flexibility and empower your team members to work remotely without missing a beat


Pay only for what you need and easily add capacity as your enterprise business grows

Take Advantage of the Cloud

Whether you’re making a first move to the cloud or trying to take fuller advantage of cloud capabilities, Meriplex experts would be happy to discuss the solutions that are right for your growing business.  

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The Meriplex Difference

With Meriplex as your public cloud guide, you can count on:

Security Prioritization

Don’t go it alone! As you move into – or further into – public cloud computing, Meriplex can implement the tough cybersecurity measures you need to protect your data and your business.

Cloud Experts

Meriplex experts have honed cloud skills over many years. We’ll take care of the details and ensure that all of your applications and connections are working properly.

Future Direction

If and when the time comes to consider a transition to private or hybrid cloud, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each and help you decide on your next cloud moves.

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