Cisco Managed Collaboration Services Offers a Cloud Alternative

The enterprise shift from on-prem PBX to cloud solutions is accelerating, but many businesses still hesitate to lose existing investments. Cisco managed collaboration services by Meriplex allows you to leverage your feature-rich Cisco voice platform while leaving adds, moves, changes, upgrades and other day-to-day operations to us. With thousands of Cisco endpoints deployed and managed around the world, our experts deliver end-to-end managed services and private cloud capabilities that will free your team from the phone system daily grind.

Managed Collaboration Services Benefits

Predictable Pricing

Continue to get the most from your existing licenses while adding a solution that offers per user, per month pricing options

Day-to-Day Management

Utilize the skills of our managed collaboration services experts to keep UC running optimally without having to staff up in-house

Business Continuity

Depend on disaster recovery, failover and back-ups that are built right into our managed collaboration solution

Hardware Elimination

Have the option of removing cumbersome on-prem server hardware that traditional PBX systems require

SD-WAN Integration

Integrate easily with SD-WAN to ensure real-time traffic takes priority and high call/video quality is maintained

Centralized SIP

Scale call paths based on total number of active calls instead of having to allocate dedicated SIP trunks at each remote location

A Voice Solution Right For You

Ready to modernize your phone system? With our handy infographic, compare managed Cisco collaboration, enterprise voice and UCaaS solutions to find out which one is right for you. Download today!

The Meriplex Managed Collaboration Services Difference

When moving phone service to the internet, you want the smoothest possible transition. Managed Cisco collaboration by Meriplex includes:

Dedicated Cisco Voice Experts

Voice solutions can be particularly complex. Our team has the training and certifications needed to help you take full advantage of your existing Cisco platform.

Meriplex Private Cloud

We’ll handle daily maintenance using our secure private cloud capabilities, and you won’t have to staff up or manage multiple vendors to stay connected.

Solution Selection Assistance

Meriplex offers managed Cisco collaboration, enterprise voice and UCaaS solutions. We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of each to choose what’s best for you.

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