Enhance Your PBX System with Carrier Grade Enterprise Voice

If you’ve made a significant investment in on-prem telephony but are looking to simplify, centralize and scale, enterprise voice by Meriplex offers a cost-effective IP alternative. Enjoy greater control and flexibility, eliminate cumbersome legacy equipment and shift to a more reliable system than old school PSTN. You’ll be able to port existing phone numbers and maintain 911 access, and you can choose active/active or active/standby redundancy. Tie into your existing PBX with a SIP, PRI or analog handoff for an easy transition you won’t regret.

Enterprise Voice Benefits

Streamlined Operations

Provide services to all of your remote locations via a centralized voice solution

Ported Numbers

Keep the existing telephone numbers that your team and customers know and use

E911 Services

Prepare for emergencies by having a physical address assigned to each dedicated phone number

SIP Handoff

Scale your voice service capability quickly to provide additional call capacity, reduce equipment costs and eliminate the need for a legacy TDM handoff

PRI Handoff

Integrate with your legacy phone system using a cost-effective PRI handoff over SIP

Analog Handoff

Replace legacy POTS lines using our cost-effective DIAL service and purchase only the number of phone lines you require

Voice solutions that support high growth

Are you ready to transition from your existing PBX system to a solution that better supports your high-growth goals? A Meriplex enterprise voice expert can offer options and answer questions.

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The Meriplex Enterprise Voice Difference

With a Meriplex enterprise voice solution, you can expect:

Dedicated Voice Experts

Voice solutions can be particularly complex. Our team has the training and certifications needed to support your solution and integrate it into your business.

Unique Features

Our enterprise voice solution includes a fully managed on-prem session border controller and turn-key implementation.


We’ll tailor your solution based on your current infrastructure and what you’ll need to ensure scalability and QoS for end users.

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