Disaster Recovery Planning is a Resilient Enterprise Must-Have

No one wants to think about natural disasters, ransomware, power outages, human error and hardware/software misfires, but odds are you’ll face at least some of these problems. More than just traditional insurance, an expertly built disaster recovery plan helps to ensure 24/7 business continuity, stem revenue loss and set things right quickly. With a plan in place, your enterprise can grow confidently within the changing technology landscape while being fully prepared for the inevitable challenges that today’s world brings.

Disaster Recovery Benefits

Data Protection

Around-the-clock protection to prevent data loss that can generate costly downtime, impede productivity and even put you out of business

Real Time Replication

Continuous replication with no impact to applications, scalable to infrastructure of any size

Journal-Based Recovery

A constant log of all changes made to applications and data, with recoverability at any point in time

Simplicity through Automation

A fully configured failover/failback process with real time application spin up

Hardware/Hypervisor Independence

Disaster recovery that works with the virtual technology of your choice

Cloud Leverage

Comprehensive data protection across applications in public, private and hybrid cloud environments

Disaster Recovery Case Study

“Other provider solutions were complicated in terms of usability and did not offer a very clear picture. The Meriplex solution offered simplicity in terms of administration, operations and visibility.” Kingspan, IT Director

In this short case study, see how Meriplex helped one enterprise business take disaster recovery planning to the next level.

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The Meriplex Disaster Recovery Difference

A comprehensive Meriplex disaster recovery plan includes:

Non-Disruptive Testing

Meriplex can test the full disaster recovery process without impacting production environments or ongoing replication.

Execution in a Few Clicks

Feel confident knowing that you can execute your disaster recovery plan quickly and effectively the moment trouble is detected.

Back-Up If You Need It

Meriplex can serve as a secondary site for critical applications and data in the event of a systems, site or storage failure.

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