Counter Complacency with Cybersecurity Assessments

There’s no room for procrastination when it comes to cybersecurity. Complacency can result in anything from minor disruptions to a catastrophic breach that destroys your company’s reputation and potential. When you’re ready to get more aggressive, start with a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment by trusted pros who know what to look for and how to protect your growing enterprise. Through our cybersecurity assessments, Meriplex will identify your risks, clarify your options and help you decide on the cybersecurity solutions that are best for you.

Security Assessment Benefits

Risk Identification

With new threats arising every day, deploy a team of pros who will know how to spot risks that others might overlook.

Expert Analysis

Cybersecurity assessments are only as good as the analysis behind them. Meriplex cybersecurity experts will translate your assessment into clear, action-oriented results.

Solution Selection

Getting too many calls about “silver bullet” cybersecurity solutions? We’ll cut through the vendor noise and help you select only what’s best for you.

Solution Customization

No matter what solutions you select, we’ll tailor them to your industry and needs to maximize return on your cybersecurity investment.


We understand that your team is busy. Our cybersecurity assessments are non-intrusive, beginning with a questionnaire that can be filled out easily when the time is right.


As your trusted business partner, Meriplex will adhere to the strictest protocols to keep sensitive information secure.

Start Securing Your Business Today

Don’t wait for a breach attempt before addressing risks! Talk to us about taking the first step toward a more secure enterprise with a comprehensive Meriplex cybersecurity assessment.  

The Meriplex Security Assessment Difference

With a security assessment by Meriplex, you can expect:

Experience, Expertise & Excellence

Your cybersecurity assessment team will carry recognized industry certifications and bring years of experience, proven expertise and a drive to deliver excellence.

Next Step Readiness

A cybersecurity assessment is only the first step. We’ll be ready to move seamlessly from assessment to solution selection and implementation.

Exceptional Customer Service

We appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us and will conduct your cybersecurity assessment with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism.

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