Meriplex Family Supports One of Our Own

Meriplex Communications believes that each of our employees are part of a Meriplex Family. And when one of our family members needs extra support, Meriplex steps up to make sure they know we have their back.

Kim is an awesome inspirational member of our Meriplex family. When she was challenged recently, our team at Meriplex was committed to doing something each week to keep Kim’s spirits lifted.

Week 1 – Balloon Lift

Meriplex Communications supports Kim with Uplifting Messages

Week 1, we filled her office with helium balloons with personal messages written on them.


Week 2 – Inspiration

Meriplex Family Supports Kim with Inspirational Messages


Week 2, we decorated her office with inspirational quotes and handwrtten messages, including some from her favorite inspirational figure – Houston Texans #99, JJ Watt.


Week 3 – Healthy Snacks

Meriplex Family Supports Kim with Snacks


Week 3, we showered her with healthy snacks in her office.



Week 4 – High Fives for Kim

Meriplex Gives Kim High Fives

Wherever you GO * Whatever you DO * These Hands WILL Always Be there Supporting YOU!

Week 4, we covered her office with High Five’s offering uplifting messages.


Meriplex Family Supports Kim in her Treatment

Every day there may be others in your teams or who you speak with on a daily basis facing their own personal challenges on a much more private level. Keep that in mind when you interact with people. It’s not just about showing support to Kim, it’s about showing support, appreciation, and encouragement to all we come into contact with when we do business as Meriplex. Right now, Kim is just a visible example of how an action as simple as a kind word, sharing a meal, or lending a helping hand can mean so much to another person.

We don’t have to wait for someone to be ill or struggling to show our appreciation. You can do this individually every day in how you speak and respond as one Meriplex family.